Saturday, February 23, 2019

Product Review: La Doctress Cloud Blush

It seems like people are more and more getting interested with makeup here in the Philippines. What's good is that we seem to be open to try various styles of makeup may it be Western makeup looks, Korean makeup, or even drag makeup! But what I noticed is that the most common looks we are all interested with are glam makeup (the Instagram makeup as what others call it), Korean makeup (with matching glass skin effect), and the natural "gandang pulbo at lip tint" looks.

That natural makeup look appears to be more popular nowadays because first, it's easy to do, second, you'll need less products, and third, it just gives you that fresh and simple look, perfect for everyday. With this makeup trend getting more famous, I also noticed that some people umped up their "gandang pulbo at lip tint" game by doing the drunk blush method. Personally, I love that style, too. It looks cute and makes me feel prettier! :D There are different ways to achieve drunk blush but I find that cream blush is the perfect product to do it. Since water tints set more easily, I prefer cream blushes because you can control the blending and create the perfect drunk blush look.

I've tried a few cream blushes from the beauty market but I recently discovered the La Doctress Cloud Blush Tube.

Product Name: La Doctress Cloud Blush Tube
Price: Php190/tube
Available at: Kalm Cosmetics