Friday, May 12, 2017

My Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge Journey

Last December, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. hosted this makeup competition called the Big Beauty Challenge. It was a contest open for all makeup artists, vloggers, and makeup enthusiasts. All you have to do is post a makeup video on your Facebook account (1 minute min. and 3 minutes max.) using products from Ever Bilena/Careline. It ran for 10 weeks and in each week, they set different themes. Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. chose one winner per week/per theme who each received Php10,000 as a prize! Then those 10 weekly winners were the ones who battled at the Grand Finale. The prize was a whopping Php50,000 in cash! My gosh!

I did not bother to join at first because I was quite unsure of how everything runs but when I saw the entries of those people who joined, I was encouraged to join. Also, the themes were very interesting! So, yeah, I decided to join! :)