Monday, July 25, 2011

MOONLIGHT SEDUCTION inspired by Michelle Phan and Say Tioco Artillero

I always see this tutorial of Michelle Phan in her channel but I usually ignore it and I don’t know why. Then a few days ago while I was watching Ms. Say Tioco Artillero’s videos, I saw her remake of Michelle Phan’s moonlight seduction. I thought it was a nice look and she did a nice job so I decided to watch the original tutorial by Michelle Phan. I was blown away by the colors and the final look Michelle and Promise made so, of course, I had to do it for myself! :)

Here’s my moonlight seduction version:

and here is a picture of Michelle and Promise wearing the moonlight seduction makeup: (got this photo from Michelle Phan’s FB page)

Don’t you just love the harmony of the colors? :)

If you want, you can watch her tutorial from this link:

Michelle Phan’s Moonlight Seduction

If you want to watch Say’s tutorial, click this link:

Moonlight Seduction by Say Tioco Artillero



- Soleil Matte Foundation

- ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder

- ELF tone correcting concealer

- ELF blush and bronzer


- AIDO makeup palette

- Dollface Cosmetic’s vanity palette

- Maybelline eye studio gel liner

- Maybelline Extreme Stiletto mascara


- Ever Bilena’s matte lipstick in off beat pink

- Revlon Crushed Velvet in naughty nude


Thanks to Ms. Say, because of you, I had discovered the beauty of this makeup look. LOL. :))

That’s it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


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