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1920s Flapper: Beauty through the Decades Part I

Before I proceed to the makeup part, let us talk about first what really is a flapper?

Flappers were very famous during the 1920s or what was famously known as the Roaring Twenties or the Jazz Age. They were referred as the new breeds who wore short skirts, cut their hair short, drank, smoked, attended petting parties, listened to jazz, and paraded down the street with a very lavish behavior. They were fickle and very liberal. They wore excessive makeups and sometimes they even do their makeup publicly (what a wreck!).

They were called flappers because they were referred to the birds flapping its wings learning how to fly because they described flappers as young women who had not entered womanhood yet.

If you really think about it, they will be distinguished as sluts because of their grotesque and odd behaviors. Flappers were young women who parties during the night in jazz clubs, displaying their very daring sort of corset-like dresses, smoking cigarettes through long holders, dancing provocatively, drinking incessantly, riding bicycles, and driving automobiles. Petting Parties were born on the flappers era because during their night outs, petting (making out) was the main attraction (my oh my!).


Bobby pins gained popularity during the 20s because they were used to style the "in" hairstyle of the women during the Jazz Era. The bobbed haircut was a major hit which was a very short hair cut down the levels of the bottom of the ears. Girls went gaga over short hairs! Some barbershops even reported that they were cutting thousands of bobs per day! But I don't blame those girls since bob cuts are cute and pretty... though not all ladies can carry the look properly. Some stars that are very famous today carried this haircut perfectly such as Katie Holmes, Christina Ricci, and Natalie Portman.

Louise Brooks

Around 1927, the Eton Cut was introduced. Oh, if you don't know what is an eton cut, think of Betty Boop! :) Oh well, I'll just show you a photo.

During the end of the 20s, Fingerwaves became popular.


Cream or cake foundation were famous during the 20s. Cream and ivory face powder was used by most women to have that pale-looking face. When Coco Chanel fell asleep under the sun, the tanned look became popular.

Reddish powder blush or cream blush was used to attain that rouged look. Raspberry and rose are also used as an alternative if you find the red color too heavy. Around 1925, the orange blush was the most popular one. Rouge was applied to the apples of the cheeks and were not brushed up towards the hairline.

For the eyes, makeup should be worn very dark. They used eyeliners made of soot, lead and goose grease (ick) all around the eyes and smudged outwards. Grays, greens, blacks, and turquoise were the famous options for the eyelids.

The eyebrows were thin, black, and lined downwards with a liner. Colored wax were used for mascaras. They usually melt the wax and apply it on the lashes using a stick. They even used false lashes, too then heightened it with a mascara.

Cupid's bow-shaped mouth was the most famous look at that time. The lipstick should be applied as a cupid's bow on the upper lip and the lower lip should be exaggerated. The width of the lips was minimized by leaving the sides of the lips thin.

So... does that mean that the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland was from the 1920s?

Hahaha! Just kidding! ;)


The most famous girls during the 20s would have to be Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. 

Clara Bow was an American actress. She was known as the quintessential flapper during the 20s and acquired the nickname "The IT girl" after her film "It".
Louise Brooks was an American actress, dancer, model, and a showgirl. She was noted for popularizing the bobbed haircut. She was the Madonna of her day and was famous for carrying the perfect flapper image.



Ever heard of the terms "the bees knees", "the cat's pyjamas", and "the cat's meow"? Flappers had their own slang. These terms were used and were famous during the Jazz Era.  Here are some flapper terms with the meanings that I find interesting:

The bees knees  / The cat's pyjamas / The cat's meow -  used for something good or for approval
barney-mugging -  sex (Uhm, did they get Barney Stinson's name idea from here?)
handcuff -  engagement / wedding ring
baloney -  nonsense
big cheese -  important person
a tomato -  a pretty girl with no brain
a fire alarm -  a divorced woman
sugar -  money

Now, I'll show you my makeup look inspired by the 1920s flapper:

What do you think? :)


E.L.F. All over stick in apricot beige
E.L.F. Clarifying pressed powder
Wet n Wild natural blend powder in bare
Rose blush from the dollface vanity palette

Ever Bilena color pencil in black
Ever Bilena advance eyeshadow in cleo
Fashion 21 color set
In2It gel eyeliner in very black
drugstore black mascara

Wet n Wild lipstick in 508A

That's it! I hope you'll like this post and I do hope that you gained knowledge and ideas.

Watch out for the next part: 1930s era

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

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