Monday, August 22, 2011

A Beauty Workshop by Lancome Paris and Marionnaud Philippines

Yesterday I attended a beauty workshop by Lancome Paris and Marionnaud. The workshop was basically about skin care routine and basic makeup application. The workshop was hosted by skin care expert, Ms. Cary Co-Choa who is also Lancome's marketing head. The program proper only lasted for an hour. The remaining hour was spent on one-on-one makeup tutorial by Ms. Maylin Batiancila, makeup artist from Lancome. They also gave the participants a chance to try this machine from Lancome which can determine your skin's age and type. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to try it out since I already have to leave.

Here are the photos taken during the workshop:

Participants enjoyed this nice blueberry muffin (with a glass of Iced Tea) from Bizu while waiting for the workshop to start. Yummey! :)

Ms. Cary and Ms. Maylin before the workshop started.

Here, Ms. Cary was explaining Lancome's skin care products while Ms. Maylin was demonstrating how the products should be applied with a volunteer. :)

Makeup time!

They gave us the privilege to try some of the products by passing it on to us. The skin care products are great especially the genifique serum and the cleanser. I love their foundation, Teint Miracle and I'm planning on buying it, SOON. I don't have the money for that yet! :(

Here is the best part! All participants got loot bags! Check it out:


Here are the items inside the loot bag:

Discount stubs!
The small stub is for a 10% discount when you buy stuff from Marionnaud but it was only valid yesterday.
The big stub is for a P400 off for every P4,000 purchase from Marionnaud. This promo is valid until December so, yay!!! :) 

A loofa from Marionnaud

Lancome goodies!

Lancome skin care products (tester sizes)

Lovely! I definitely learned something yesterday and it was really a nice (although short) workshop. The loot bag was definitely the highlight of the event. Hahaha! :) The workshop was held at Marionnaud, 2/f of SM Mall of Asia.

If you want to join, don't worry, there's still another one on the 27th of August. Check out the details on Marionnaud's FB page.

Oh, before I forget. I just want to show you my Styli-style sharpener for my Styli-style flat pencils! Yey! I bought this for P275 from Beauty Bar. After the workshop I visited the Beauty Bar and I found out that they sell Styli-style cosmetics. I was actually planning to buy the sharpener from an online seller for 100 pesos but since I was already there, I went ahead and bought it. I know the price difference is huge, but if you'll think about the shipping fee which is 90 pesos and the fee to send money in Western union which is 65 pesos, it's not bad na, right?

I bought the blue one but they also have it in pink. :)

So, that's it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes!


  1. wow awesome! looks like you had a grand time there! I love marionnaud products! I bought my first set of brushes from them.

  2. Yes, I did have a great time! I love Marionnaud, too! Their brushes are really awesome especially their eyebrow brush and their N32 blusher brush! Thanks for retweeting about this one! :)

  3. You are so lucky to attend the workshop! Thanks for sharing the photos :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony