Thursday, September 8, 2011


I don't have any plans yet in learning how to do a fake open wound, scars and the likes using prosthetic makeup. (I wanted to, though!) But last night, one of my clients sent me an e-mail asking me if I have already done a zombie makeup. Apparently, they wanted a zombie theme for their prenup shoot. I already did it once before but she's asking me for some photos and unfortunately I don't have any soft copies anymore. So, last night, I immediately did a zombie makeup look to show it to her.

Here's a picture:

Soleil matte foundation
Shawil BB Cream in  01
Aido makeup set
Dollface Cosmetics' vanity palette
Flirt! Draw Attention lip pencil in cherry pie

I asked her if she wants this one or a more rotten/decayed look. She said she wants a somewhat rotten zombie look. I haven't done that yet so I panicked a little bit (yep, that's one of my weaknesses). I didn't promise her that I can do that look but of course I did watch some tutorials from YouTube. It looks pretty easy to create the rotten zombie look but I don't have the materials yet. So, I went to SM Pala-Pala (Dasmarinas) with my boyfriend to look for materials and stuff for it.

Unfortunately I didn't find any liquid latex so I just bought an Elmer's white glue, art brushes, face paints, and some tissue papers. When we got home. I quickly tried to do a fake open wound (I watched it from Petrilude in YT) to see if I can do it. White glue, tissue papers, face paints, and everything nice and BOOM!


I wasn't that happy with the result. It's my first time so please bare with me! ;-) Although, as a first timer, modesty aside, it kinda looks awesome! :D

Let me show you:

What do you think, guys?

Isn't it neat? I've fooled a few people with these photos. They thought it was freakin' real... and it's a compliment for me! Hahaha!

Hey, if you know anything about making this kind of prosthetic makeups, please let me know. I will surely appreciate it! :)

That's it!!!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. yay, yuck, ouch!!!

    confused as to what my reaction would be ha ha..
    yay. cause you did so good with your first attempt, not everyone can do that, me included ha ha.

    yuck, it looks gross sis,

    ouch, and hurts as hell!

    am i seeing a career here?
    you might be hired for the next shake rattle and roll movie ha ha..


  2. Hahaha! You're not the first to react like that. In fact, most of the people who saw this were totally grossed out. Hahaha!

    Thank you, I really hope one day I'd get to do the prosthetic makeups for different horror films! :)

  3. i'd be really happy and proud of you sissy.. one day, u will :) Good Luck!

  4. thanks for the support sis! Mwaah!