Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I finally got my hands on these famous Careline lip glosses! I found out about this first from Judy of itsjudytime. I watched it from her drugstore haul from the Philippines. I was amazed how pigmented the lip glosses are so when I visited the mall few days after, I went over to the Careline counter to buy the lip glosses. I was disappointed because I did not find them. I saw a bunch of lip glosses but they were different from what I saw in Judy's haul. So, everytime I go to malls, local stores, supermarkets, and drugstores, I check if they have those lip glosses but I really can't find them!

Then one time while I was reading random blogs, I found a review about the Careline lip glosses from Donnarence of MyLucidIntervals. After reading her post, I was amazed even more. I found out that there are many colors to choose from and that they're really pigmented. I just felt super frustrated because I don't know where to get them. They're super cheap but the colors are super nice and based on the picture of swatches Ms.Donnarence posted, you can really tell that they are so creamy. On the last part of her blog, she mentioned that the sales lady told her that the lip glosses are exclusively sold in Robinsons Malls. She wasn't sure if it's true and I am also not sure. So, I searched for different reviews and I was convinced that they're really exclusively sold in Robinsons malls. So, that's why I couldn't find them in SM supermalls and local drugstores.

Robinsons malls are quite for from Tagaytay except the one in Dasmarinas but the last time I checked, the Careline lip glosses are not available there. I can't find the time to visit Robinsons malls plus the transportation fee is a little expensive. It will just be a waste if my only reason to go there is to buy the lip glosses (I'm still being practical, of course). That's why I was so happy when we planned to take the kids (nephew and nieces) out for a quality time. We chose Robinsons Galleria over SM North Edsa. Although SM North is way nearer from our house, we chose to go to Robinsons Galleria because we wanted a new environment. We've been in SM North a million times, ever since I was a kid! Yeah, so when we got there, we ate first and went straight to the department store. Of course the first counted I looked for was Careline's and at first glance, BAM! I saw the famous lip glosses! I actually felt they're the ones looking at me, hahaha! I immediately swatched the colors and gawd, I've finally seen up close and personal how great they are. I even convince my sister-in-law to buy as well. Hee! I bought six shades! I did not buy the other shades because I'm not a fan of those colors.

See the price tag? (Robinsons)

Pretty colors, right?

I'm just a little curious why the pink one has a bigger Careline mark than the other ones, see?

Why I love them?
They are very creamy and real smooth on the lips. They're almost like lip creams already. Another thing is that I can wear these even without lipstick because they are really pigmented. The container is like a tube that you use for experimenting in the Science lab. LOL. You can tell that they are really cheap just by looking at them because of the design and the tube is made of plastic. I don't know about you but I think they're really cute. Judy time said they smell like peaches but for me, I think they smell like watermelon. Whatevs! Basta they have fruity scent. :)


101 is a very pretty nude color with peachy-pink undertone. I love it, one of my faves!

110 is also a nude color but with a brown undertone.

107 is a mauve color. Great for everyday use. One of my faves as well. :)

104 is a very nice pink color. Very girly-girl! I love it!!!

111 is a nice dark orange shade. This can be paired with Ever Bilena's matte lipstick in Scarlet and NYX's matte lipstick in Indie Flick. :)

108 is sort of a berry red. Ms.Donnarence was right. If you layer this color, you'll get a darker shade of red. I love this! :)

I love inexpensive finds like these. The next time I visit Robinsons, I will definitely buy more of these lip glosses!  :)

That's it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. I am still in search for shade 102... Lemme know if you see one~ =) Careline gloss is <3 plus budget friendly too!

  2. Sure I will. Yes, very cheap but great quality. :) Thanks for dropping by!