Saturday, September 24, 2011


I found out about Heng Fang lipsticks from Ms. Maricarl Janah, the Pinay beauty guru from YT. She said Heng Fang lipsticks are cheap but have great qualities. She raved about it so much and she's even giving it away as one of her prizes from her latest giveaway.

I was so eager to buy the Heng Fang lipsticks that's why I became super excited when I found out that they are available in Robinson's Supermarket Tagaytay which is a 10-minute drive from our house. I went crazy and bought 5 of them. I was even planning to buy the whole box just because I wanted the lipstick container but I didn't like the other shades. Anyway, I got the Heng Fang lippies for only P45 each! My Mom told me it might be harmful for my lips but I said I've watched Ms. Maricarl Janah's video about it and I bet they'll just be fine. In Rob Tagaytay I also found Miss Beauty lipsticks and decided to buy two tubes in different shades since they are only P20!


Now, the Miss Beauty lipsticks? Not a fan. They're just not that pigmented. Refer to the no.11 pictures. The color from the tube is way different from the color when applied on the lips.

On the other hand, I am absolutely loving the Heng Fang lipsticks! I understand now why Janah raved so much about it. They are creamy, pigmented, glides on smoothly and they don't have off smells unlike other cheap lipsticks. I find the packaging nice too because it just doesn't look cheap at all.

Aren't the colors amazing? My favorite shades are 02 and 23, the former is like a sheer coral color and the latter is a nice bright pink.

Yesterday while I was in Manila, I found another kind of Heng Fang lipstick in Circle C. The packaging is all black but I didn't buy it because only one shade was available and I didn't like it.

I will find more of the Heng Fang lipsticks! Oh, as well as the Osseur lipsticks that Janah also raved about. If you know where I can find them please let me know (Manila and Cavite area).

Thank you!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Nice I also have hengfang lippies and it seems like their nice=) Nice post dear thank you for sharing this=)

  2. Yes they're really nice. You're welcome, sis. Thanks for taking the time to read. ;)

  3. mmm sis, i've tried to google hengfang lipsticks, not to cause too much worry, but the first results, contain info that they're banned for containing the dye sudan, which can cause cancer, just sharing so you can be wary of using them, baka may panget na effect sis, di worthy of your health. here are some of the links,

    just do read it. better be safe sis.

    i'm still not so sure about this, just want to share it with you at once after reading it.

  4. @Belle: Thank you so much for this Belle! Natakot naman ako bigla. I will totally give time to read this, sis. Thank you ulit! :)

  5. @Bingcastro
    sis concern lang din, siempre i dont want my fellow makeup addicts not to know, just the other side of this brand i guess, since they're really getting the raves here,
    i googled "Heng Fang lipsticks" not sure if they've improved or reformulated their lippies, since 2007 pa yung mga articles, be careful lang sis.. stay pretty :) dami pa naman iba brands.. like local ones. basta search search ka din, para sure. nung mabasa ko lang kasi gusto kita agad ma-inform.

  6. Oo nga although it's from 2007 pa nakakatakot pa din. Super thank you sis, ha? :) I also shared the links to Maricarl-Janah.

  7. you're most welcome sis, though siguro kahit ako din kahit 2007 pa yan ,magwoworry din talaga ako..
    mwah mwah..

    hanap nalang ng iba pa lipsticks , dami pa naman iba dyan.. :)

  8. Hahaha oo nga! I just tried them kasi I was really carried away by Ms. Maricarl-Janah's raves about them. :)

  9. continue nalang with the search, ganon talaga, hit or miss. basta laging safety ang important.. as i've read hesitant si mommy mo noh, she must have the instinct.. lam mo naman mga moms diba. :) next time.. listen to her he he..

  10. Hahaha correct sis! Mothers know best! ;-)

  11. Ms.Bing try out Heng Fang's liquid eyeliner, it dries fast and vannot easily rubbed off. cute packaging too, I own one in a kokeshi doll container :)

  12. Hi bebe ! :)
    ginagamit mo parin ba yan ? :)
    gusto korin sanang bumili . yung mga friends ko kasi , ganyan yung lippies nila .
    okay naman ba ? :l