Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HAUL Yeah Baby! XII (168 Mall Adventure)

I said in my last haul blog post that I hope I can control myself from buying stuff even just until this month ends because I'm trying to save up some money and now here I am with another haul! Just so you know, this is totally okay and fine by me, with all of my heart (hahaha) because most of the stuff I'm going to show you were bought with my Mother's money! I am a one happy daughter! :-D

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my Mother, my older sister and my boyfriend. We ate lunch at Chef Vince and then we went shopping at 168 Mall. 168 Mall is a local mall here in the Philippines and it is one of the go-to places if you want to buy cheap and affordable stuff such as clothes, bags, shoes, and pretty much everything! We went there basically to buy my sister a new pair of shoes because 2nd semester had already started. By the way, I think my sister changes shoes every freakin' semester! LOL!

I actually bought only a few stuff but the highlight of this haul is my very first train case which I only got for PHP500! Yes, you've read it correctly, PHP500. But you'll know why it's super cheap if you keep on reading so please do. ;-p


I bought these super cheap but edgy and sophisticated earrings. I was supposed to get only the feather earrings but the sales lady said it's two for PHP150 so I picked another pair and I chose that sophisticated brown drop earrings! May dagdag na naman sa collection ko!


I was checking out this toy store to find a gift for my niece because it was her birthday yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything because the toys there are all original (so that means expensive) and I don't have enough money to buy what I really wanted for my niece. When I stepped outside the store, a certain rack of random items caught my attention. Then I saw on the second layer some Maybelline New York goodies! I immediately asked the store owner if those are authentic and she said yes and she even said that those Maybelline cosmetics were shipped to them weekly. I called my sister and we checked it and it's obviously authentic. However, they are only selling blushers and mascaras. I didn't even think twice, I started choosing which shade of blushers I'm going to buy. And oh, the mascara that they have? theColossal Volum' Express! It was only priced at PHP250. I've been dying to have theColossal mascara even though I know it's just the same with theMagnum mascara which I already have. LOL!

I bought theColossal, one blusher (Romantic Plum) and one light bronzer (Salsa Sun). My sister also bought a couple of MNY stuff. I got the blush and bronzer for only PHP200 each.


I love earrings. I've been collecting earrings for more than a year now. Before I started collecting makeup for my makeup business, I was collecting earrings and I actually became obsessed with it. It's my guilty pleasure next to makeups! ;-) I have so many earrings right now and I've been looking for an earring holder to, well, to hold them! Hahaha! I found this earring holder at 168 mall and got it for only PHP75. The earring you're seeing below are just 1/4 of my collection. ;-p


Well, this train case have three extra layers, the fourth layer is the bottom part. Like what I've said above, I only got this for PHP500. It was originally priced at PHP600 but my Mom is so good at haggling prices. Hahaha! I bought this train case for temporary use only. For PHP600? Come on! It's very, very cheap. The quality is not that good but it's good enough to carry the things I need to bring in a makeup gig, at least for now. My Dad promised to buy me a better one soon. Every time I open the layers of this train case, I'm really, really scared that I might break it off so soon because the layers are not that durable. But so far, it's okay naman!

The reason why it's cheap? Just refer to the photo below. Natatanggal na 'yung dikit nung edges sa loob.

Another thing that I hate about this? It comes with a key but it doesn't even work at all! The key doesn't fit to the key hole! Naglolokohan ba tayo, p're?

But, overall it's still awesome. I've got exactly what I've paid for, so what do you expect pa? 'Di ba?

And that's it! 

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Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Nice haul! Pretty affordable pa! I want to go shop na! haha :D

  2. Thanks Bee! Haha go shop na! 168 Mall is awesome!

  3. very nice haul! I would really have to drop by 168 as soon as possible since I have been itching for a shopping spree! LOL

  4. Hahaha! 168's the best place to shop for this holiday season. :)