Saturday, March 10, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Hi everyone! A few months ago, I purchased some of Ellana Minerals' products to check them out, if they're good and all. So, I purchased their Eye Primer, Diva Cheek/Lip Dot bronzer, and 4 of their eyeshadows. In this blog, I am going to share with you the swatches and my thoughts on the Ellana Minerals eyeshadows..

Like what I've said, I purchased 4 shades --- Dazzle, Orchid, Felicity, and Twilight.

PRODUCT NAME: Ellana Minerals Eyeshadow
Price: PhP 180.00 each
Spotted: SM Megamall Supermarket, A random store at Cainta, Rizal

Mineral cosmetics are absolutely amazing. I mean, how can you not love them? They're not harmful unlike other cosmetics. :) I love these mineral cosmetics by Ellana because the quality is good for very reasonable prices. These eyeshadows are my first mineral eyeshadows and I got to say that they're really awesome. The colors are really pigmented and they stay on for long hours. They do not crease but just a disclaimer, I haven't tried using them without any eye primer so I am not yet sure if they will crease or not without an eye primer.

Another good thing about these mineral eyeshadows is that there is a wiiideeee variety of colors to choose from! I mean, it's insane! I actually had a hard time choosing which shades am I going to buy. Then I decided to buy dazzle and orchid because I wanted to recreate Xteeener's Weekend Warrior Purple Eyes.

This is Xteeener's Weekend Warrior Purple Eyes video:

And this is my take on her look, so, this is my Orchid and Dazzle video:

Here are the swatches of Orchid and Dazzle:

- The name of this eyeshadow is very true to color.

- Dazzle is a very shimmering bronzy brown color.

After doing that makeup look, I thought that Ellana Minerals eyeshadows are pretty awesome so, I decided to buy two more shades and I got those two other shades in a random store at Cainta, Rizal. They are resellers of Ellana Minerals that's why it's available in their store. The next two shades are Felicity and Twilight. I already used these eyeshadows on my 5th Holiday Makeup Look last December 2011.

This is the video tutorial for this look:

Here are the swatches of Felicity and Twilight:

- A light gold eyeshadow.

- A dark olive gold eyeshadow.

Those are all the swatches of the Ellana Minerals eyeshadows from my own makeup collection. I'm not sure if they have matte eyeshadows but so far, all the Ellana Mineral eyeshadows that I have seen are shimmers and satins. Based on the photos, the colors are highly pigmented. The texture of these eyeshadows is very light and smooth. Well, that's why they're called Ellana because Ellana means light and bright. :)

The only problem that I have with these eyeshadows is the packaging. The jars are so small and it's really hard to control how much products you're going to get. Actually, a little bit goes a loooong way for these eyeshadows which is an another plus factor. So, everytime I use these babies, I make sure that I'm extra careful in opening the jars because I might spill or drop some of it. What I do is, I drop a tiny amount of the pigments on its lid or any pans. This is the most ideal way for me to use the Ellana Minerals eyeshadows than to directly dip your brush into the jar because you might pick up loads of pigments on your eyeshadow brush/applicator.

Other than the issue of its extra small packaging, I really don't have any problems with the Ellana Minerals eyeshadows. In fact, I highly recommend them because it's pigmented, quality is awesome, and it's mineral for heaven's sake! Up to now, people are still skeptic if mineral cosmetics don't expire but I have read that Ellana Mineral Cosmetics really do not expire so, that is really a good thing! You can buy loads of their products and you can just keep them forever. ;-)

These eyeshadows are actually not the only best product of Ellana Minerals I have tried. There's one more Ellana Minerals product that I love and if you want to know which product, you have to stay tuned for that. ;-)

If you want to purchase Ellana Mineral cosmetics, you can visit their website and I suggest you visit their site because they offer free product samples! :) If you're near SM Megamall or if you are always in SM Megamall for some reason, you can visit their stall located at the Supermarket.

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)


  1. nice review... twilight shade is really pretty! I just stay away from loose pigments. coz they can be messy at times.

    1. Yes, that's my problem with these eyeshadows. :/

  2. Nice review and nice pics! :)

    I believe its my first time to drop here! ♥

  3. hi miss bing! where in cainta?.. :)

    1. Hi RAE! I forgot the name of the place but it's in Brookside Hills. The building at the entrance of the subdivision. :)

  4. ohh!, the new one where mang inasal and ministop are located right? :)) im going to check that!, thanks!.. :))

    1. Exactly! The store is the one where they sell different accessories. :) You're welcome!

  5. I also have Ellana minerals anything from their multipurpose powder to primer to lip gloss! It really gets the job done, their blushes are also very pigmented, a little goes a long way. I've read that you have a problem about the control of the product. That was also my issue when I started using Ellana, what I did was put a tape on the holes. For my black multipurpose powder, Ethereal, and highlighter, I taped the four holes and left only one hole open. For my concealers and bronzer, I cover 2-3 holes only. I hope that solves your problem. It sure has made my life easier. ^_^

    1. Thank you so much for you suggestion! I'll try to do that! :)