Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NYX Slim Lip Pencils Review and Swatches PART 2

So, I was lying on my bed when I realized I haven't filmed the second part of my NYX Slim Lip Pencils swatches! It has been two months already since I uploaded and blogged about the first part of the NYX Slim Lip Pencils review and swatches. So, here it goes!

Like what I have said in the first part, NYX has a total of 60 shades of these slim lip pencils and I have 40 shades. If you haven't read the first part, click HERE. If you haven't watched the first part, click the thumbnail below:

All of the pros and cons and my thoughts of the NYX Slim Lip Pencils were written on my first NYX slim lip pencils blog post. Again, if you haven't read the post, click HERE. :) In this blog entry, I'm just going to show you the remaining 20 shades of the NYX slim lip pencils from my makeup collection. The first 20 were featured on the first part.

Here's the NYX Slim Lip Pencils swatches video part 2:


1. Purple Rain

2. Dolly Pink

3. Rose

4. Coral

5. Citrine

6. Deep Red

7. Hot Pink

8. Tangerine

9. Latte

10. Flower

11. Beige

12. Nectar

13. Pumpkin

14. Pale Pink

15. Nude Truffle

16. Sand Pink

17. Nude Beige

18. Nude Pink

19. Edge Pink

20. Peekaboo Neutral

The colors are gorgeous but I have to admit that most of my favorites are from the first 20 shades. So, again, if you haven't seen the first part, click HERE. Hahaha! :))

Some of the shades are very sheer and some are frosted but still, they're my favorite lip pencils of all time.
If you want to purchase NYX slim lip pencils or other NYX cosmetics, you can buy from NYX COSMETICS BY ONLINESHOPPINGZONE.

Alright, that's it! 'Til my next blog post.

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)


  1. Hi Bing! :) Does it have good coverage as it is? and does it dry out?

    1. Hi Andi! Yes, they really do have outstanding coverage except for a few ones and yes, they can be drying on your lips but most lip pencils tend to have an effect like that so to make it glide it smoother and so that your lips wouldn't dry, be sure to apply lip balm first. :)

  2. Hi Bing! For some of the swatches like tangerine, latte, flower, beige, pale pink, naobserve ko na
    you have dark upper lip and ung sa edge ng lower lip ( not sure though, naisip ko
    baka sa lipstick lang yan). Pero pag dolly pink, rose, coral, citrine, deep red,
    hot pink, sand pink at peekabo neutral, eh wala, at saka ganda pa ng effect.
    Ive been looking kasi for lipstick na makakacover ng dark lips
    ko. Whenever i put lipstick on, parang mas pumapangit, kasi for example, pag red
    ang color masyadong contrast sa edge ng lower lip, maitim naman kasi edge ng lips ko(yung itim na cause of genetics).
    I don't smoke.

    Does it cover well sa dark lips?

    1. Yeah you noticed it din. The edge of my lips is a little dark nga talaga pero I don't smoke as well. Natural syang ganung. :)

      And of course, the colors of a certain lip product vary sa natural color ng lips of the person wearing. :)
      For dark lips I'm not really sure e, I haven't seen the effect yet.

  3. There are apparently 80 shades of this. HEADACHE. Any recommendations about which ones to get? I don't have any yet and wanna start building up.

    Beauty by Tellie

    1. They have 80 shades now already? Before it was only 60! OMG! :) I recommend shades Bloom, Natural, Burgundy, Dolly Pink, Deep Red and Purple Rain. :)

  4. San pong online shop mo sila nabili? Thank you po.

    1. NYX Cosmetics by onlineshoppingzone :)

  5. Hi... Thanks for sharing this. I'm using shocking pink matte lipstick. what lip pencil shade would you recommend with it? Thanks

  6. Thank you so much for posting. :D