Sunday, June 17, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Nature Republic Pretty Tree Wood and Auto Eyebrow Pencils

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I have new favorite eyebrow pencils to share. I have already made a video review about this pencils but I was too busy these past few weeks that's why it is only now that I got to write and talk about them more. I love collecting brow pencils, brow kits and anything that can groom and define eyebrows simply because I love doing my brows. This is already an overused saying but I would still say it, "YOUR BROWS FRAME YOUR FACE".

A few weeks ago, I found new eyebrow pencils from Nature Republic. If you are not familiar with that brand, it is also a Korean brand so when you visit their store, the products that you will find there are pretty much the same with Etude House and Tony Moly. These brands are also known for their cute and eye-catching packaging and Nature Republic also has uber fun and adorable packing. It was only the first time that I've seen Nature Republic's products although I've heard about them before. My sister and I checked out their products and some of them looks really promising but the eyebrow pencils really caught my attention. For one thing, they are green and I don't know if it's just me but I guess it's an unusual color for an eyebrow pencil because most eyebrow pencils are brown, black, or white. I checked out these Pretty Tree eyebrow pencils, swatched the colors and carefully inspected the overall packaging. It looks like a decent eyebrow pencil naman so I decided to purchase them. I bought the Pretty Tree Wood Eyebrow which is like any ordinary pencils that needs sharpening and I also bought the Pretty Tree Auto Eyebrow Liner which is retractable. The lighter shade of green is the Pretty Tree Wood Eyebrow pencil.

Nature Republic Pretty Tree Wood Eyebrow and Pretty Tree Auto Eyebrow

PRICE:  PhP 170.00 (each)

SPOTTED:  The Block, SM North Edsa

These eyebrow pencils remind me of Etude House's eyebrow pencils and Daiso's eyebrow pencils. Maybe because they are dual-ended pencils. The other end is a spoolie which is good since it's very convenient to use. Even if you don't have a separate eyebrow brush, you can still do your  brows with this pencils alone. The Pretty Tree Auto Eyebrow liner really reminds me of the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow because they are both retractable, both are dual-ended, and they both have slanted leads but Etude House Drawing Eye Brow pencil have a wider pencil lead.

I got the shades No. 3 for both but they have completely different shades. Both are brown but the Wood Eyebrow is lighter than the Auto Eyebrow pencil. Also, the retractable one is a wee bit creamier than the Wood eyebrow pencil. So, the difference between these two eyebrow pencils aside from their pencil type, they have different consistencies. They both give natural looking brows, though.

The lighter one is the Wood Eyebrow and the darker one is the Auto Eyebrow liner. The Auto Eyebrow liner has a thicker and creamier texture.

They're not completely different with the other eyebrow pencils out there and I know there are way more cheaper eyebrow pencils than these two but like what I've said, I love doing my brows so I'll keep on collecting eyebrow kits and eyebrow grooming tools until I find the perfect and the best one for me. ;-)
Will I repurchase? Yes! Especially the Wood eyebrow because it is lighter thus it gives a more natural-looking brows.

If ever you want to try out these eyebrow pencils, you can visit Nature Republic at The Block, SM North Edsa, 2nd floor in front of Tender Bob's. I honestly don't know where else you can find Nature Republic.

By the way, here is my video review:

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  1. hi, its my first time here @ ur blog..i like the auto eyebrow liner you got.really cool.^_^

  2. Hi, Purple! Thank you so much for visiting The Project Awesome. Yes it's pretty cool, I love these brow pencils. You should definitely check it out. :)

  3. Hi. Is the product good in terms of longevity?