Saturday, August 18, 2012

WHAT'S HOT: Ombré Makeup (Featuring my Ombré Lips)!

Hi everyone!

Before, whenever I hear the word Ombré, I think about hair dyed with a particular color faded to another color. Then came the ombré nails. Now, I have read that Ombré oozes into makeup as well! It has already invaded the eye area and the lips.

I have read from that Ombré means shaded or shadow in French. Read their full article about Ombré makeup here. According to their website, Ombré techniques became so hot this Spring. Multicolored lips here and there and layered colors for the eye makeup. Funky, isn't it? ;-)

I, personally, love colors! I love playing with colors and I love creative or unusual makeup looks that's why I dig the Ombré makeup. I think it's edgy and a lot of fun! In fact, I tried the Ombré lips today. Here's the Face Of The Day:

I watched Pixiwoo's latest video in YouTube last night which is a tutorial for Ombré makeup and I fell in love with Sam's look! I loved how she transitioned the color red to burgundy! And the eye makeup? It was awesome! Check out the video in their YouTube channel and be amazed! :) I was actually inspired with the Ombré makeup look that she did that's why I decided to do the Ombré lips today. I used a Jordana Lip Liner in the shade Mulberry on the edges of my lips. I smudged it using my fingers to blur it out, leaving the middle pout bare. Then I took my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten and applied it on the bare area. The shade Mulberry and Smitten make a great combination! The transition of the color looked absolutely gorgeous! I chose these colors because I wanted a vampy, ombré lips and also, I've been loving shades of purple these past days.

I'll try to do different ombré lips using other colors because it's so much fun to do! I'll also try to create different ombré eyes! I'm just really loving this new hot trend. :) Would you dare to try this Ombré Makeup?

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Hi Bing!

    What makeup did you use here? specifically blush and eyeliner (waterline) ;)

    1. Hi Mej! For the blush, I used Herbench/ Lip and Cheek Tint and applied ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in "Flushed" over the tint. For the eyeliner, I used the Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in "Onyx", :)

  2. I love this so much that I'm going to try it out for myself. Thanks for sharing! :)