Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5th Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012

Hi everyone!

So, the 5th Phil-Cosmetics Expo just ended yesterday (09022012). It was a three-day event that took place at Megamall, Megatrade Hall and we went there on the last day. I went with my Mom, my sister and my 2 cousins. My boyfriend was also with us but he didn't stay with us inside the Megatrade Hall 1 because he said the event is "a girl thing" so he just went out and roamed around the mall.

We arrived at the event at around 3 in the afternoon straight from Tagaytay. We had so much fun at the event because our cousin Soleil of Makeup by Soleil was there with Makeupholics. They were at booth 54 and the first thing we did when we arrived there was look for their booth. Actually, one of the main reasons why we attended the expo is because we wanted to see Soleil. Unfortunately, she was so busy because she had to do the selling and do makeovers for people so we didn't really get the chance to catch up but my Mom got a makeover by her. :)

A while after, Ana Patricia arrived at Soleil and Makeupholics' booth. What a beautiful young lady! We had a little chit chat and we took photos together with Soleil. I was so mad at myself because I forgot to bring my camera with me that's why I don't have a copy of our pictures. Sadly, Ana had to go home already so we only had a little time to talk but still it was fun! Thank you Ana and Soleil! :) 

The best thing was that the booth of Gloson's Trading (Hollywood Style) was just in front of Soleil and Makeupholic's booth so it was easy for me to approach Soleil and Sam Atun, Gloson's Marketing Head. It was so much fun because it's like everybody knows everyone! Beside the booth of Gloson's Trading was Snoe Beauty Inc. and it's a good thing for us because my sister and I were really planning to visit Soleil and buy makeups from her, visit Sam and buy a few stuff from Hollywood Style, and buy skin care products from Snoe! We don't have to roam around the place! Everything we need was just in one corner. ;-) But of course we still roamed around the hall to check other booths and makeups and that's when we saw Say Artillero at Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione. She introduced me to the owner, Ms. Sarah. We took photos and Say helped us pick what products should we get. Say was really raving about Models Own Hyperbrite lipstick in Annalise's Pink so I did get one for myself. Thanks, Say! :) As we're about to leave their booth, I noticed Charm of MsYellowYum. While Say and Charm were talking, I approached them to say goodbye to Say and say hello to Charm because it was the first time that I met her. :)

*Photos credits to Ms. Say Artillero (Makeup by Say Artillero)*

Next, we were supposed to visit Snoe Beauty already but we saw this perfume store called the BC Fragrance right next to Snoe. We were sniffing and checking out their perfumes then Sam Atun approached me and said he's going to introduce me to Ms. Bernadette Lim, the owner of BC Fragrance. We had a little conversation and it was really nice talking to her. Thanks Sam and Bernadette!

After talking to Ms. Bernadette, I finally checked out Snoe's booth and I actually had a really great time in there. The sales reps were so nice and very bubbly! We had so much fun! I was raving and telling them how much I love the S Skin Stem Cell sunblock cream and then this one girl who's also their customer heard what I was saying so she also consumed one stem cell sunblock cream! Haha! I guess I'd make a good sales lady! ;-) Snoe Beauty was also selling different wigs and my Mom is kind of into wigs for some reason so, just for fun, she asked one of the bubbly sales ladies to put and style the wig on her! It was the funnest thing! My sister, our cousins and I were laughing so hard. The people from other booths were looking and they were also laughing. The other girl told me that my Mom is really cool and she really is! :) Let me show you a couple of photos of Mom wearing the wigs!

Isn't my Mom so cool? Hahaha! She looked like an older version of Disney Princesses (sorry, Ma)! Haha! Anyway, as we were checking out the products of Snoe and chatting with their sales ladies, Ms. Jen Diaz, the owner of Snoe, arrived. I was so glad to finally meet her. I was stunned by her beauty! She recognized me from my blog post about their S Skin Stem Cell sunblock cream. :) We had a very nice conversation! Thank you so much, Ms. Jen! And oh, I also met her daughter, Noe (where Snoe actually came from)!

I almost forgot, I also met Bee of Makeup by Miss Bee! Grabe lang! Our reactions when we saw each other was like we've known each other for so long already! Hahaha! :)

I had a lot of fun during the event because I met a lot of people and meeting people makes me happy!

Now, here are all of the products that we got at the 5th Phil-Cosmetics Expo:


1. Holika Holika Liquid Roller BB (for Mom)
2. Holika Holika Cooling Mist (one for me and one for Mom)
3. Holika Holika Magic Pole waterproof mascara (one for me and one for Mom)
4. Beauty Blender (for Mom)
5. Maybelline Mineral Power foundation (for my sister)


1. Models Own Matt Hyperbrite Lipstick in Annalise's Pink (for me)
2. Sephora Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm (for my cousin)

I was disappointed because I didn't notice that my Models Own lipstick was twisted up to the cap so the top of the bullet is already ruined. :-( I should've checked it before we left Makeup Hub.


Lorys Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate
(for me, my sister, and my cousin)


1. 7 Perfumes
2. Pillow Mist Relaxing Mint (for Mom)


1. Whitening Lotion (one for my sister, one for my cousin)
2. Whitening Body Scrub (for my sister)


1. Awesome Poresome Kit (for me)
2. 4 S Skin SPF 30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream (for me, for my mom, for my sister-in-law, for my cousin)
3. Oil For All Argan Oil (for Mom)
4. Under Armed (for my sister)


1. NYX Pore Filler
2. Charm Essentials Vegan Crease Blending Brush
(both for my sister)


That's it for my first Phil-Cosmetics Expo experience! Did you also attend the said event? Hope to see you next year! :)

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. I love this post! :) Wanted to attend this event but couldnt! :(

    The Misty Mom

    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)

    1. Thanks, Shari! I'll check your blog. :) Good luck!

  2. review for Snoe's Awesome Poresome please! thank you dearest! sorry to have missed this event. Maybe next time.. *fingers crossed*. BTW, i love your YT videos especially the 1brand makeup look! =)

    1. I will do a review about the Awesome Poresome soon! Thank you so much for watching my videos! :) Hope to see you in the upcoming makeup/bloggers events. :)