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Last month, the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation finally arrived here in the Philippines. I was at Watsons, GB1 checking out the Revlon counter when something familiar caught my attention. I was about to leave their counter but I looked back to check what's that jar with a black lid and on top it says 24 hours! I immediately confirmed to the sales lady if that's the colorstay whipped foundation and it was! I, then, bombarded the sales lady with different questions about it. That day when I bought it, was only the second day since the whipped foundations arrived here in the Philippines. I got all excited and it's a good thing that I just finished a makeup gig that time so I have the money to buy it so I went ahead and bought one!


The shade that I chose is Warm Golden and it is actually the darkest shade. I hate it that they don't have a lot of shades available and the colors are mostly light. So if you have a deeper skin tone then you'll might not get the chance to buy one that will suit your skin color unless you'll buy it from other countries. Another concern is that, most of the shades have beige tones or maybe I just didn't check the other shades carefully. But the shades that I saw which have yellow undertone are Warm Golden, Buff, and Nude. For me, I'd rather use a shade a bit darker than my skin color rather than use a shade that is lighter than my skin color because it would be very difficult to match it to the color of my neck so I settled for Warm Golden. And also, I have watch itsjudytime's First Impression video about this foundation and she got the same shade and based on her photos and videos, I think we have the same skin color right now since I got a bit darker ever since I went back to school.

Watch the video to see my Video Review:


I use a stippling brush to apply the foundation because I learned that it is easier to apply rather than using a densed brush such as my Marionnaud N32 and ELF flat top brush. The finish also looks more flawless with a stippling brush and it's easier to control the application. I don't directly dip the brush into the jar for the sake of sanitation. The jar has a white cover inside to avoid the product from spilling and transferring onto the jar's lid. The products that transfer onto the white cover is what I use on my face. Or I take a cosmetic spatula to pick up a product from the jar. If you watch my video, you'll see how I do it. Every after use, I clean the white cover before putting it back onto the jar because if I don't clean it, then I should've just directly dipped my brush onto the jar... if you know what I mean!


The consistency is thick like it is really whipped but it doesn't feel thick and heavy on the skin. At first, I thought it's going to feel too heavy on the skin because of its consistency but it's not. In fact, the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundations feel heavier and stickier on the skin than this one. The Revlon Colorstay Whipped doesn't feel heavy at all and it's like you don't have a full coverage of foundation on your face even with 2 or 3 layers. It does has a scent that's a bit unpleasant but it's more tolerable than the colorstay liquid foundations which smells like alcohol with other chemicals! The whipped foundation does a good job in covering the redness of my face and concealing the dark spot and other imperfections. I don't actually use a concealer anymore when I use this foundation because it can already conceal what needs to be concealed like, as I've mentioned, dark spots, redness, and dark under eyes. This foundation has SPF 20 by the way so that's another plus factor!

See how it gives me a flawless-looking skin?


The longest time that I've worn this foundation was 14 hours and with that, I must give 10 thumbs up for this foundation because it didn't fade much at all. I just retouched my face twice and it would look fresh again. It's amazing! I haven't tried testing its 24-hour staying power though because I don't actually wear makeup that long! Sadly I don't have a before and after photo for my 14-hour test. I was super busy that time because it was actually the wedding day of my friends-slash-clients so I didn't find the time to take before and after photos anymore.

Here's a photo of me 9 hours after applying the foundation:

I did not retouch my face even once in here that's why my nose looks a bit oily already. But as you can see my face still looks flawless. I love this foundation!


The jar is made up of thick glass that's why it's really heavy. The jar has an optical illusion though because from the outside, it seems like it contains a lot of product but when you open it, it's really not that much. It's only 23.7 ml. I bought this for PhP 975.00 at Watsons.

I would definitely repurchase and buy some of the other shades that I can use on my makeup clients. I highly recommend this foundation. It's worth your money. Revlon is definitely and absolutely one of the bests when it comes to awesome and good-quality foundations! :)

Have you tried this already? How was it for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. thank you so much for this review! now ive finally decided to buy it. thanks Bing!

    1. You're welcome, Gessyl! I'm glad I convinced you with my review, haha! :)

  2. Hi Bing! great review! and u look so prety!!! love it!!! ^^ will surely purchase this foundation. I also saw this in one of Judy's first impression videos.. :)



    1. Hi Jhelai! Thank you so, so, so much! :) You should really try it! :)

  3. Does the packaging says if it's non-comedogenic? Thanks. :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  4. Wow!! it gives you such a nice finish!! I love it!! I haven't tried it but I have seen people loving ti as well! Thanks for sharing ^_~

    1. Thank you, Janet! It really gives a wonderful finish. You should try it. :)

  5. Bing tell me if this is better than the Colorstay liquid foundie? Aw, let me know! Been wanting to try the two pero isa lang muna try ko. Torn between the two e! Hehe. Thanks! Grabe super ganda ng coverage sayo sis!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hello Hazel! I used the ELF Stipple Brush. :)

  7. OMG!! You make wanna buy one.. Awww.. Would you recommend it for very oily skin?

    1. Awesome! :) Yes, I think this can work on people with very oily skin since it has a demi-matte finish :)


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