Friday, October 19, 2012

The Project Awesome's Multi-Celebration Awesome GIVEAWAY!!! (CLOSED)


I am super excited to announce this awesome giveaway! There are a lot of things to be thankful for and a lot of things to celebrate this month that's why I am now having this giveaway. If you have been already following my blog, my YouTube channel, my Twitter and Facebook page, you'll know that October is my special month because it is my birth month, my boyfriend's birth month, my YouTube channel's birth month and I just reached 500+ subscribers in my YouTube channel!!! :)

I could not be happier for receiving all of these blessings. All thanks to you, guys, for continuously supporting me, my YouTube channel, and my awesome blog. ;-) I will not get any more melodramatic and I know y'all are super excited to see the prizes at stake!

There will be TWO WINNERS. The main winner will receive a lot of goodies:

First are the awesome prizes from one of our sponsors, Stuff N' Shop:

* Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Pink Suga and Mauve Outta Here
* 2 Silicon coin purses

The 1st prize winner will also receive goodies from Lipstick Avenue:

* Beauty UK Blushers No. 2 and Rose Pink
* Miners Cosmetics Matte Effect Lipsticks in Barely Buff and Fiesta
* Nail Polishes from The Face Shop

The 1st prize winner will also get 5 e-GCs from BC Fragrance!

Of course I will not be satisfied if I won't give something that personally came from me! I decided to add a few more stuff in the 1st prize set.. :)

The 1st prize winner will receive the following as well:

*Ellana Minerals Rounded Kabuki Brush

* Snoe Happy Heels Therapy Set in Cherry Berry

* E.L.F. Get The Look 5 Piece Brown Eye Set

* Hair Velcros - I forgot to mention this in the video but, yes, this is included!

Now, the second winner will receive:

5 e-GCs from BC Fragrance!

I told you, there will be two winners! :) However, if you didn't win, don't be sad because there will be more awesome giveaways in the future!

Here is the video for the giveaway!



1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel - bingprojectawesome

2. Like and favorite the video.

3. Follow this blog - The Project Awesome

4. Like my Facebook Page - Makeup by Bing Castro

5. Like Stuff N' Shop on Facebook and add their account

6. Like Lipstick Avenue on Facebook

7. Like BC Fragrance on Facebook and Follow via Twitter

8. Post a status on your Facebook page stating that you joined the giveaway. Makeup by Bing Castro and the sponsors must be tagged!

Example: "I just joined @Makeup by Bing Castro , @Lipstick Avenue, @The Fragrance Specialists, and @Stuff N' Shop 's awesome giveaway!"

9. Comment in the video your YouTube name and Facebook Name.

10. Spread the word!!! Let everyone else know about this awesome giveaway! :)


a. Follow me on Twitter - bingcastro89

b. Tweet about the giveaway. You must mention bingcastro89.

c. If you have a blog, blog about the giveaway.

d. If you did the additional rules, include in the comment your Twitter name and blog title.


That's it! You can post also the details in the comment box below. But if you have already posted in the comment box in the video, no need for you to comment your details below. :)

Deadline will be on November 5, 11:59pm.
Winners will be announced on November 6, 2012.

Please follow the instructions carefully to be qualified in the giveaway.

I am super excited for this awesome giveaway! I hope you will celebrate with me by joining this giveaway. Besides, this giveaway wouldn't happen in the first place if not for all of your support so, thank you all so much! My heart is filled with so much joy and happiness! :D

Also, thanks to our very awesome sponsors:

BC Fragrance
Lipstick Avenue
Stuff N' Shop

Good luck everyone! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Facebook: Iya Boto
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    Congratulations! More power to your blog. God bless!

  2. Hi. Im joining. Awesome giveaway! More power!!
    Fb: Say Yap
    YouTube: Say Yap
    Twitter: @SAYjazzy9

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  4. Hi I come across your blog when I was searching for hippie make-up look and I find it interesting!!! Belated happy birthday!!! More blessings to come!!! GBUM!!! ^_^

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    More power! :)

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  16. yey done! hope i win! :) congrats Ms bing castro godbless you!
    twitter name: @AllysaMarieC

    1. Hi Alyssa! I'm sorry but this giveaway is already closed. I have a new giveaway though, please check the banner on top of this page. :)