Thursday, December 6, 2012

Props Tools and Cosmetics 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

You know the saying "Natural beauty is always better"? Well, I couldn't agree more with that. I cannot deny the fact that I love experimenting and creating different makeup looks and play with colors but I always think that my natural look is still my best look. Makeup is not really used to change the way you look, it's a great tool to enhance your natural beauty!

Now, I'm inviting --- nay, encouraging you to join Props Tools and Cosmetics Anniversary Giveaway! They are celebrating their second year and December is their birthday month. So, aside from FREE SHIPPING for the whole month of December, they are also giving away over P2,000 worth of prizes! The theme is enhancing your natural beauty. Here's how to join:

1. Like Props Tools and Cosmetics on Facebook.
2. Post a photo of your "enhanced natural beauty" look on the Props Tools and Cosmetics FB fan page.
3. Complete the sentence "Natural beauty for me is..." and post it as a caption to your photo.

Criteria for judging:
Your entries will be judged by my fellow beautiful bloggers, Joyce Sola, Chriselle Sy and yours truly (me!) based on the following criteria:

30% EXECUTION - how well you executed the "enhanced natural beauty" look. Technique is key ;) 

30% INTERPRETATION OF "ENHANCED NATURAL BEAUTY" - Originality and relevance to theme is what we're looking for. What makes your look stand out from the rest? Each of us have their own interpretation of enhanced natural beauty - it's up to you to make a unique and outstanding impact! 

25% - OVERALL PRESENTATION - enhanced natural beauty is not just about make up. The way you present your photo complete with hairstyle, accessories, your answer to the "enhanced natural beauty" and artistic direction will give more impact to your entry. Have fun preparing for this and just be yourself! We'd appreciate it more if your photos are not photoshop-ed! Editing would defeat the purpose ;) 

15% FAN LIKES - followers also get a say on what they think of your entry. You may share your photo for them to vote by liking your entry! 

Duration of the contest:
December 5, 2012 - December 20, 2012
Winners will be announced on December 21, 2012.


Grand prize: Worth over P2,000! 23 piece brush set and the NEW Flair Palette + discount voucher for their next purchase valid for 1 year! The winner will also be featured on the Props fan page and official website

The NEW Flair Palette

23-Piece Brush Set

3 consolation: Each of the judges will pick out their favorite entry. Each of our winners will win a Winks palette.

Visit our website to get tips and tricks ;) 

However, natural beauty isn't only measured through one's physical appearance. I also believe that natural beauty comes out when you are happy, healthy, confident and true to yourself. It's not always about the looks, y'know. In the words of Kevyn Aucoin, "No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart."

Good luck to everyone who's joining! I highly encourage you to join because as you have seen, awesome prizes awaits you! And it's time for you to showcase your makeup skills and you can also share what natural beauty means to you.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. ooh, the winks palette looks lovely!! ^_~

  2. Amazing giveaway! I joined I hope I will win! By the way I am your new follower! Hope you can check my blog back ;)



    1. Good luck, Shahara! :)

      Thank you for following, I'll def check your blog. :)