Friday, December 28, 2012

WINNERS of PROPS Tools and Cosmetics 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Hi everyone! 

The winner of PROPS 2nd Anniversary Giveaway has already been announced! Congratulations to Ms. Kaela Flores!!! You deserved it! You showed to each and everyone of us that natural beauty is not measured by makeup nor how beautiful one look like from the outside. Confidence is one of the best things and the way you carry yourself. Congratulations, again! Enjoy your new makeup and brushes! :)

However, Kaela is not the only one who gets to have their own Props palette. Remember, each of the judges gets to choose our own favorite contestants and those three lucky ladies will each win a Winks Palette! I bet you're dying to know who I picked! Here it goes:

Congratulations to Chi de Dios!!!

I love how you kept the look simple and fresh plus your definition of natural beauty totally got me. The last sentence actually gave me goosebumps but in a nice way of course! Haha! I was moved. :)

Chi de Dios: Natural beauty for me is something that is inside of everyone. We aren't perfect but I believe our imperfections made us all beautiful. I am obese. type 2 actually. but that doesn't make me less beautiful. Natural beauty is the way we carry ourselves, the way we handle things, and the way we use our entire existence to make a change. :)

Now you have another reason to be happy this New Year! :-D I just have one request, once you received your prize, please show us a makeup look where you used your own Props palette. We'd love to see that! :)

Congratulations again to Kaela and Chi! If you want to know who is Ms. Joyce Sola's (one of the judges) favorite, click here. :)

Thank you so much to all who joined and celebrated with Props Tools and Cosmetics! 'Til the next awesome giveaways. Have a very happy and prosperous New Year! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


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  2. Oh my gosh! thank you, Miss Bing! Sure Ill def make a look out of it! Happy New year! :))

    -chi de dios

    1. Congratulations. I'm so inggit. Hahaha. But you deserve it more than the rest of us. The floor is yours, and I'm happy with the decision. ^^ I know given another chance to join a contest, we'll be given a chance to win, too. Again, congratulations!!!

    2. thank you, ianeisfab! :) Im also a newbie here! followed you! let's make things happen! :))