Sunday, January 13, 2013

REVIEW: In2It Fine Tip Waterproof Eyebrow Liner + Eyebrow Mascara

"Eyebrows frame the face". That's what they say... and I agree! I don't know about you but I'd rather do my makeup without lining my eyes and putting on my lipstick than not doing my brows. It just makes a huge difference. Think about when you had your eyebrows shaved or plucked, people will notice that there's something different about you but can't tell what it is exactly. That's why I love doing my eyebrows because, well... because it frames my face. Haha! But seriously, grooming and shaping my eyebrows will always be a part of my makeup routine. That's why I experiment and try different eyebrow products to see which works better on me. Even though I already have quite a few eyebrow pencils in my makeup stash, when I see something new or eye-catching in malls/stores, I buy them.

Before 2012 ended, I found out a new eyebrow product. I don't really use an eyebrow mascara before but I think it's a good product to use especially on clients. So, when I found this new eyebrow mascara from In2It, I checked it out immediately and purchased it. I know there are other eyebrow mascaras out there but they are more expensive. The one from Jazzy Cooper though costs less but the time that I bought this, it was out of stock.

Anyway, let's start with the review. 

PRODUCT: In2It Fine Tip Waterproof Eyebrow Liner with Free Eyebrow Mascara
SHADE: Chestnut (liner), Copper (brow mascara)
PRICE: P429.75
*bought from SM North Edsa*

To tell you honestly, I think that the real free item in this package is the Eyebrow liner! Haha! Because a couple of weeks before I bought this, I already saw this eyebrow mascara from In2It which was being sold separately for around P400+ also. Then after a few weeks they released it in a promo with an eyebrow pencil. I think there's no way that this eyebrow pencil costs over P400 because it's not worth it. Why? Let me tell you.

The eyebrow pencil is a retractable pencil. It's a good thing though because that way, you don't have to keep on sharpening it. It saves time. However, the product itself or the lead is so tiny that it easily breaks! It reminds me of this one retractable eyebrow pencil that I got from Saizen. It's too tiny as well so it broke so easily. It's okay because at least it only costs P85.00.

Here's the In2It Fine Tip Eyebrow Liner in the shade Chestnut.

In In2It's defense though, I think I twisted the pencil up too much that's why it broke off. I did not throw out the broken piece though, I put it back and made sure that the next time I use it, I'll just twist up the pencil a little so that only a very short tip of the pencil will peek through. And it worked perfectly!

For the consistency, there's nothing really special about it. It's comparable to the 4U2 Eyebrow Pencil but I like my Etude House Drawing Eyebrow better. I even like my Daiso retractable eyebrow pencil even better than this one. The In2It Fine Tip Liner just doesn't glide on that smoothly. It's kind of difficult to buff it onto the  brows (or is it just me). The qualities that In2It claims about this pencil are true except for the easy to apply part.

Here's a photo of me wearing only the eyebrow pencil:

It looks okay naman. It has a natural finish and the color is perfect on me but there's no wow factor for me. It stays on for long hours but it's just like my more affordable brow pencils. Anyway, this eyebrow pencil is also available in the shade Acorn which is lighter than this one.

Now, onto the eyebrow mascara. Like what I've said, this is my first eyebrow mascara. The shade that comes with the Chestnut pencil is Copper. The eyebrow mascara shade that comes with the Acorn pencil is Gold which is way lighter and really looks gold in color. That one will only look great on people with very light hair color. Actually, the shade Copper is already too light for dark-colored hair.

I just wish that the brush of this eyebrow mascara is a bit thinner so that it will be easier to brush it onto the brow hair. Less boo-boos! Anyway, this eyebrow mascara dries up quickly and keeps the brow hair in place although it can be a little stiff. I also find it too light and too shimmery. Can you imagine how the Gold one will look like? My sister tried the Gold on and she looked funny. Haha!

So, I tried wearing only the eyebrow mascara. No pencil and no eyebrow powder. This is how I looked:

What do you think? I kinda looked different and a little funny. Hihi! I just don't like how I look like wearing only the eyebrow mascara. It's too light. I already have thin and sparse eyebrows, I don't want to have a lighter-looking brows anymore. To tell you honestly, I actually like thicker and bolder pair of eyebrows. Maybe I'm just frustrated because I don't have a natural full set of brows. BUT still, there are those times when I want to sport lighter-looking brows.

Here's how my brows look like with the In2It Fine Tip Eyebrow Liner and Eyebrow Mascara:

Taken under poor lighting

The combination of the eyebrow liner and the eyebrow mascara looks great on me, methinks! The color is balanced. The darkness of the eyebrow pencil made the eyebrow mascara less vivid.

I like this eyebrow mascara but since this is my first one, I think I need to try out other brow mascaras for comparison and to see which is the best.

I have used this eyebrow mascara on my clients and they actually liked it.

Model, Christia Asistio, loved it on her so much that she quickly bought it right after our shoot for PROPS Cosmetics. :)

I've tried using the eyebrow mascara on top of a different eyebrow pencil and it looks nice, too. Here's a photo:

Here's a side by side photo of me with a darker set of brows and the other with a lighter pair. Which do you think is better? Bolder and thicker brows can make you look younger but some said that I look younger with lighter brows. Hmmm...

I'm not the biggest fan of the eyebrow pencil. I like the eyebrow mascara but then again, I still have to search and try other eyebrow mascaras. However, I love the combination of the two! Repurchase? Maybe. We'll see! :) Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. wow meron na pala ang in2it sis. :) glad i saw it here. Thinking of checking out jazzy's. kaso isip ko if it's worth it. haven't used eyebrow mascaras before, im just curious. Have to say I love the lighter brow on you. Natural lang din kasi and parang fresh and mayaman! ha ha.. :) Hintayin ko nalang muna mga future eyebrow mascara reviews mo hihihi. bago ko magdecide. if i need one.

    1. Yes, meron na din sila. :) The one from Jazzy is my next target. My sister has the one from Majolica Majorca. I'll borrow it from her to do a review.

      Thank you, Belle! Natawa ako sa parang mayaman, haha! I agree though, not na mukhang mayaman ah, haha. Na parang mas formal kasi tignan pag may eyebrow mascara ako. Hehe! Thanks ulit! Wait for me next brow reviews. :) Mwah!

  2. I saw this product while I was in Manila but decided not to get it because of its hefty price tag. Maybe I will eventually spoil myself with just the eyebrow mascara since I don't do so well with twist up pencils and I agree, it is super tiny! I feel that it'll just break off everytime I use it cuz I can be a bit clumsy. :( Hmmmm.

    Anyway, like I said on facebook, lighter brows make you look younger while the darker ones make you look more mature (in a good way). Personally, I really like the lighter brows on you! <3

    1. I actually thought it's a bit expensive, too. Like what I've said here, I was supposed to buy the jazzy cooper one but it was out of stock e. And pareho tayo ng issue about sa tiny twist up pencils! :/

      Haha, yes yes! When I looked closely in my picture with lighter brows, I look a little younger nga. Thanks, sis! :)

  3. i like how it looks natural on you :)

  4. I'm currently using the pencil from Etude House. Love it. Thanks for this review, didn't know there's a brow mascara sa In2it :) Your brows look great with or without the mascara! I like the combination of the two on your brows! Perfect match for your hair color :)

  5. How much po kung eyebrow liner lang itself?

  6. I'm not sure dear, I guess 300+ po.