Friday, March 8, 2013

Gift Ideas for Ladies and How to Make it Extra Special

     My "soon-to-be Mother-in-law" celebrated her birthday just last March 4. I barely see her since I live here in Quezon City and they live in Alfonso, Cavite. So, for her last birthday, I and my boyfriend wanted to give her a gift to make her happy and to make up for her since we barely see and talk to her. My boyfriend is studying here in Quezon City, too so he just sees his family on weekends or every other weekends.

   For students like us, money is tight and budgeted since we have to pay for school's expenses and other miscellaneous. The gifts that I thought of for my boyfriend's Mom are cheap and affordable. It doesn't matter though because they say it's the thought that counts, right? But how to make it look extra special? Simple! Here's what I did:

     Choosing gifts for someone is so difficult most of the time! To pick out the perfect gifts, you have to consider their interests, age, and gender. The gifts that I bought for Mami Riza (it's what we call my boyfriend's Mom) are a combination of different beauty products, personal and household products. All of these are very affordable!

1. Zen Zest Aromatherapy Room Fragrance in Stimulation (P250.00) - The scent is really therapeutic and calming! I'm going to buy one for myself soon!

2. Zen Zest Tangerine Eau De Toilette for Women (P200.00/50ml) - I picked out this perfume because my boyfriend told me that Mami Riza likes floral/fruity scent. This Tangerine perfume smells like melon! It really smells so divine!

3. Skin Avenue Body Butter Set (P59.75) - Yes, you're reading it right! A set of body butter for roughly P60.00! I got this from Watsons but I am just not sure if it's still available. I hope it still is because I want to get my own set. They smell so good and yummy because of their fruity scents.

4. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Love That Red (P155.00) - Mami Riza is fond of wearing red and matte lip colors so I chose one of my favorite red matte lipsticks of all time! It will make you look good without spending a lot! *wink*

5. Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask - This is one of the prizes that I got from Kimpossibly Gorgeous' giveaway. I have a lot of facial masks and I barely use them so I thought, why not share my blessings, right? Since Mami Riza loves taking care of her skin, I decided to give it to her as a gift as well.

     To make these gifts extra special, I decided to put them in a gift box! I found this adorable gift box at SM Department Store, Gift Wrapping section which can fit all of the things that we bought for Mami Riza. I got it for only P129.75.

     It has a real ribbon on top for that 3D effect and it also comes with handles which I find very cute.

     I placed a blue felt paper inside as a bed for the products. Blue is the favorite color of Mami Riza, by the way, that's why I chose a blue box and blue felt paper.

     All of the products that we picked out for her are not expensive at all but when you know how to make it look more presentable and extra special, it would look like you spent a lot for it! Just look at that box! :)

     I hope we really made Mami Riza happy! Anyway, I bet she was happy with this gift box because she immediately checked out the products and used the Zen Zest Tangerine perfume! Hee! :)

     Visit SM Department Store Gift Wrapping section to check out their gift boxes. There are more cute and adorable boxes to choose from for both men and women, boy and girl. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. i love their VCO for hair and body it works amazing on me =) hugs!

  2. Hey bing! ang ganda nga e even if those are not expensive.Para sya ung mga subscription boxes! good work!

    1. That's what I was really rooting for e, gusto ko magmukhang subscription box. Hehe, thanks Arra! :)

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