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Virginia Olsen Minerals Summer Collection 2013 Blogger's Launch

Virginia Olsen Minerals launched their Summer Collection for 2013 just a couple of days ago, April 19. Lucky me, I was invited to the blogger's launch. Yay! ^_^

I've learned about Virginia Olsen Minerals since last year but I've never really tried any of their products. But based on the reviews, swatches and tutorials that I've seen, the eyeshadows look really pigmented. So, I was so excited to visit their office to see for myself how pigmented those eyeshadows are. Now, I can really attest to that! I've tried and swatched a lot of their eyeshadows and they are just so opaque and vibrant. I'm actually impressed by the shade Summer Sun which is a yellow eyeshadow because the color is really yellow! I mean, not all yellow eyeshadows out there are true to its color. I'm planning to get that shade soon.

These swatches on the back of my hand were swatched lightly. You can just imagine how pigmented they could even get when you put more or apply them on top of an eye primer.

Left, Top-Bottom: Copper Low Luster, Choco Eyeliner, Jirbie, Chameleon
Right, Top-Bottom: Summer Sun, Donnarence, Solar Flare, Blue Eyeliner

The VOM Summer Collection consists of 10 new shades. Mostly are green shades since the color of 2013 is Emerald Green. These 10 new eyeshadows will be released here in the Philippines on May/June 2013 so watch out for that!

Here's Hazel, the Marketing Assistant of VOM and the lady behind dressmeupbuttercup, discussing briefly their Summer Collection.

The collection is a combination of matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

The bloggers' favorite, I think, would have to be the shade Midnight Glam which is a dark shimmer green color and so sad that I didn't get it but it's okay! I'll just wait for May/June to come and I will absolutely get that shade!

While we're all waiting for these new shades to invade the Philippines, you might want to check out their other eyeshadows that are perfect this Summer!

All of these eyeshadows are very opaque but I highly recommend the shades Summer Sun, Chartreuse, Solar Flare, Jirbie, Crescent Moon, Chameleon, Blue Eyeliner, Festival, Copper Low Luster, Planet, and Choco Eyeliner! Actually, I can go on and on and mention more shades but I will end up listing all of their shades! Haha! But the ones I've mentioned above are my personal faves!

Look at that messy table! We all went crazy in swatching all of their eyeshadows! Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the Virginia Olsen Brushes.

Virginia Olsen Minerals also has 5 new makeup brushes. The set costs P1,500.00 and it includes Sculpting Brush, Flat Top Brush, Angled Eye Contour Brush, Short Shader Brush, and Precision Pencil Brush.

I've heard that the Virginia Olsen makeup brushes are uber soft and it's true! These vegan brushes are made of synthetic Taklon bristles and they are just amazingly soft and dense. I can't wait to try out the other brushes. My favorite from this new set is the Sculpting Brush and I'm planning to complete the set because sadly, this set is just their limited edition so you might want to try them already before they're gone!

Aside from eyeshadows and makeup brushes, they also have blushes, foundations, primers, and concealers. I'm planning to try next their blushes. I already have my eyes on these three shades:


Back row L-R: Mich, Sabs, Hazel, yours truly, Dawn
Front row L-R: Jen, Mhisha, Jirbie, Gem

Donnarence of MyLucidIntervals was there too but she left early so she wasn't included in the group photo. It's a good thing that I took a photo with her before she left! Yay! Finally met her! :)

Here's me with Ms. Sabs Hernandez! Oh, I'm such a fan girl! Hahaha!

So glad to also meet Mhisha, Gem, and Dawn and everybody else!

Virginia Olsen Minerals gave the bloggers loots before we left so hooray for that! Thank you, VOM! ^_^

The loot includes three sample eyeshadows from their Summer Collection and two brushes from their new 2013 Brush Set Limited Edition. I'm so happy that the Sculpting Brush is included! ^_^ The four eyeshadows in the VOM pots were my own purchases, by the way. I got the shades Jirbie, Chameleon, Crescent Moon, and Blue Eyeliner. Can't wait to show you the swatches!!!

They also gave us a pamphlet of SureSlim Wellness Centre which is a weight-loss program that will correct your metabolism. So, if you're interested, please visit Virginia Olsen for inquiries. :)

Now, here's a promo that you wouldn't want to miss! The Summer Promo of the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer! From P2,750.00, it is now marked down to only P899.00! Promo ends on May 31, 2013.

Don't forget to like Virginia Olsen Minerals on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram, @Virginia_Olsen.

They are also now in YouTube!

Watch out for my reviews on the eyeshadows and makeup brushes.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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