Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Product Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with Smart-Tone Technology

Hello everybody!

I'm a little bummed yet somehow thankful for my new class schedule. I've mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have a very free schedule this Academic Year so that means I can spend more time in blogging and filming videos! It just worries me a little because I only have three subjects this A.Y. so that means I need to push it harder in the coming semesters to graduate early!

Anyway, my schedule is still awesome because at least, I can start crossing off things from my backlogs. I can post more now, especially product reviews. And with that said, let me give you my review for the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation.

Now, the Match Perfection line of Rimmel have different variants based on what I've researched. This one that I have is Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with Smart-Tone Technology. You may think why it's called "Match Perfection". Well, that is because of the "Smart-Tone Technology".

Product Name: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with Smart-Tone Technology
Shade: 340 Nude
Price: P450.00
Bought from: Chedelyn's Cosmetics

"Unique, innovative formula with Smart-Tone Technology to mimic skin's tone and texture for a match that blends and covers easily. Blue sapphire gives a truer, fresher color for a flawless, natural finish"

Now, this foundation is designed mainly to adapt to one's skin tone and texture. It contains blue sapphire which gives the foundation a flawless and natural finish. Interesting, isn't it?

The foundation is contained in a glass bottle with a plastic screw cap, like that of the Revlon ColorStay liquid foundations. I prefer though foundations with pumps or the ones that come in squeezable tubes. It actually annoys me because some of Rimmel's foundations from the Match Perfection line have pumps but this one does not. Oh well!

The shade that I got is nude which is a shade or two shades darker than my skin color. It was the only shade available the day that we bought this from Chedelyn's Cosmetics during the Celebrity Bazaar 2013. My sister really wanted to try this and she's kind of into foundations that'll make her look a little tan so she said it's okay if we buy this particular shade.

The texture of the foundation is thick but not too thick. In fact, it's a little runny. If you're going to compare it to the Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation, Revlon is thicker in consistency. And because of it's texture, at first I thought it wouldn't give a full coverage but it's actually buildable.

Looking at the bottle, I thought it wouldn't appear too dark on me but when I applied it, my face looked really tanned. It's okay though because I'd prefer shades that are a little darker than my skin color rather than shades that are lighter than me. And besides, I'm impressed with the finish of this foundation so the shade didn't really bothered me that much.


In picture no.1, the image on the left is my bare face and on the right image, the left side of my face was covered with Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. You can see that it covered the redness of my skin and the little spots on my face. It also has a really flawless finish and it blends very well onto the skin.


In this photo, you can clearly see that my face looks a little dark but can you notice how the foundation made my skin look smoother and flawless? I'm in love with this foundation's coverage. Very impressive! Indeed, it will match perfectly on your skin and adapt to its tone and texture. However, it has a dewy finish so it's not really the perfect foundation for people with oily or oily-combination skin like me! :-(


On the left image, I applied the foundation all over my face and again, see how flawless my skin looks? On the right image, I've already set the foundation with powder and filled in my eyebrows. My face looked way flawless and smooth after I've set it powder.

Like what I've said, it has a dewy finish so of course, I road tested it to see how long it would last on my face. We were going to attend church the day that I took these photos and after only 2-3 hours, my t-zone area already got shiny and I can feel the dewiness on my cheeks already. It still looks great, though so it's okay.

Then after about 4 hours, the foundation started to fade out a little on my nose and a few of my blemishes started peeking through already. It still looks smooth, though. Here's a before-and-after photo. Left image was taken right after I did my makeup and the right image was taken after 4 hours or so.

Overall, I'd say this foundation is good. If only it has a matte or semi-matte finish, maybe it will be one of my HG foundations because of its very flawless and smooth finish and its amazing coverage but since it has a really dewy finish, I'd say it's just good. I highly recommend this to people with dry or normal skin. By the way, this is not a new product from Rimmel. It's just my first Rimmel foundation and after trying it out, I'm now more interested to try their other foundations.

If you want to purchase the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, please visit Chedelyn's Cosmetics Collection on Facebook.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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