Saturday, August 17, 2013

♥ Pinkbox Haul ♥

I recently blogged about the event that Pinkbox threw last July 25 to introduce their new brand ambassador, Verniece Enciso, and to launch some of their new products and services. If you haven't read about that yet, please click here. :)

Everyone who attended the Pretty in Pinkbox event got to take home a basket full of Pinkbox goodies - including me! Yey! Let me show you what I got. Kudos to Pinkbox for really putting an effort in preparing everything for their event! The decorations at the event were just impressive! Pinks and pastels everywhere. Everything screamed "Pinkbox" including the giveaways! I was really happy with this basket because it's something that you can use with your other stuff at home, too. I put some of my skin care products in the basket now and it's actually a cute addition on my vanity table! :)

So, what's inside the box?

Included in the box is a small pink towel, which is super soft, by the way! I also got a Pinkbox mirror key chain and a Pinkbox Magnetic Bottle Opener. How cool is that? :)

Two of the best things inside the basket are these sweet nummies! Haha! We got a small jar of sweet chewy pink candies, like pochi. Well, I think they are actully pochi candies! And a chocnut dressed in Pinkbox! Hihi! Love it! :)

Inside the basket, there is also a small pink pouch that contains hair accessories! My favorite is the spring hair clips because you can wear it without looking too bagets. It just looks so chic to me. :)

Last but not the least is this uber cute Pinkbox gift certificate. Now, we can choose to give it to someone as a gift or keep it. Since I love accessories and cutesy stuff and I enjoy being inside a Pinkbox store, I chose to keep it! Hahaha! I'll show you soon what are the things that I'll get with this gift card. :)

The best thing is that I can keep this card until December! Yey! Maybe I can use this to personally buy gifts for my nieces, too. :) Oh, well! Bahala na! Hehe!

If you receive a Pinkbox gift certificate, what would you buy? Hmm...

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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