Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Top Products for 2013

Hi everyone! How's your New Year? Well, this is my first blog post for 2014 and I just want to share with you my favorite products for 2013. These are the product that I really love and been using a lot the past year. Here's a video about it (taglish).

1. Glory of New York Facial Cleansing
- A very mild facial cleanser that is probably the most fragrant skin care product I've ever tried! I love how it makes my skin soft and smooth after using.

2. Glory of New York Aloe E Moisturizing Lotion
- This is what I use on days when my skin feels really dry and dull. It's very moisturizing and it is actually recommended for people with dry skin but it won't make your skin oily even if you have oily or combination skin type.

3. Glory of New York Aloe Vera All Skin Gel
- This is very helpful in clearing up pimples especially people with oily skin. It treats my pimples within 2 days or even overnight. Even though it's a gel, it is moisturizing as well and really hydrates my skin. Can be used as a face primer, too.

4. Glory of New York Fairness and Glow Cream
- My favorite moisturizer of all time! I just love how it moisturizes my skin so well and how it brightens up and adds glow on my face. Click here to read my review about it.

5. Glory of New York Heal Cream
 - It is definitely a healing cream! Can be used to treat acne, pimples, wounds, burns, cuts, and other skin problems. It can moisturize dry and scaly skin, too. Read my review here.

6. Glory of New York Skin Enzyme
- THE BEST SKIN CARE PRODUCT EVER! It is an exfoliating gel that removes seated dirt on your skin and get rid of dead skin cells leaving you with almost like a newborn skin!

7. Glory of New York Translucent Powder
- My favorite setting powder to date! It's just the best! It avoid creasing on the eyes and seals in my makeup, helping it last throughout the day! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

8. Glory of New York Total Coverage Foundation
- I haven't tried all of the foundations out there especially the high end ones but I'm already okay with this! This is by far the best foundation that I've tried. It provides good quality, lasts for long hours, gives medium to full coverage which is perfect for weddings, TV, photo shoots and almost any occasion, actually! And even though it is a cream foundation, it doesn't cake and doesn't make my skin oil up.

8. Glory of New York Total Cover Up Concealer
- One of the best concealers I've tried. It does a good job in concealing imperfections on the face, including dark circles and dark spots.

9. Glory of New York Mineral Dual Powder
- I love the silky and smooth texture of this powder. It gives a flawless finish and stays on for long hours, too. Can be used  wet or dry.

10. Glory of New York Lipsticks
- Seriously, one of the best lipsticks in the market! It's not drying on the lips and the color payoff is just awesome. There are hundreds (literally) of shades available but I just picked out 4 of my favorite shades.

No. 635

No. 62

No. 708

No. 26

11. Avon Ideal Luminous Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation
- Such a long name for a small product but I don't care! I love how it gives a very smooth finish and it stays on for long hours, too. It can conceal imperfections on the face and the coverage is really commendable. Definitely one of the best foundations that I've tried.

12. Ever Bilena Advance Whitening BB Cream
- One of the best local cosmetics in the Philippine market, at least for me! I love the texture and the finish and I always get compliments when I use this. Click here to watch my demo/review video about it.

13. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 1-Day Tattoo
- THE. BEST. LIQUID. EYELINER. EVER! For people with hooded lids like me, it's a little difficult to find an eyeliner that won't transfer on your lids. That's why I avoid felt tip liners, cream liners and pencil liners because they will just smudge on my eyes and will just transfer on my lids. Even some liquid eyeliners don't stay for long hours on my eyes and by the middle of the day, they will already start to fade... but this K-Palette eyeliner does not! It's really like a 1-day tattoo and I love that the intensity of the blackness of the liner stays 'til the end of the day!

14. Favorite Mascara Recipe
Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl mascara + Fashion 21 Double Up mascara

15. Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express Mascara
- Maybelline really has one of the best mascaras in the cosmetic industry!!! This is one of my favorites because it really thickens, lengthens and holds the curl of my eyelashes THE WHOLE DAY!

16. Fashion 21 Two Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers
- When it comes to local cosmetics, Fashion 21 is my favorite brand! One of the best powders that I've tried from the local brands is the Fashion 21 Two Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers. Most of the local powders are chalky and the quality is really poor that's why I was surprised with this one because it has a silky and smooth texture, provides good quality and stays on for long hours as well. Click here to read my review about it.

17. Fashion 21 Roll N' Dazzle in Pink Diamond
 - This is really a glitter eyeshadow but I love using it as my highlighter because it gives my face that subtle glow with just a hint of pink hue.

18. Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 95 Enjouee
- One of my all-time favorite lipsticks! The shade really compliments my skin and I think it makes me look fairer. A corally pink lipstick that is perfect for any occasion! :) Click here to read my review.

19. Makeup by Toni Abigail Series Makeup Brush Set
- This set contains 8 makeup brushes that is really all that you'll ever need in doing your makeup! The brushes are very soft and have superb quality. You can order from Ms. Joyce Sola of candyloveart. Click here.

20. Sigma E25 Blending Brush (travel size)
- The best blending brush I've ever used! It just makes blending so much easier and faster! Read my review here.

21. Artist Studio Makeup Brushes
- Finding affordable makeup brushes with awesome quality is now possible with these brushes from Artist Studio! The brushes are really soft, sturdy, and gives good application but the best part is that each brush is super affordable! The most expensive is the Artist Studio buffing brush and it only costs P139.75!

22. Gatsby Powdered Oil-Blotting Paper
- Since it's pre-powdered already, it really mattifies the skin and you don't have to retouch your face with your powder anymore.

23. MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner
- I forgot to include this in the video! Grr! This is, by far, the best toner that I've tried! It's very mild and gentle on the skin and has great benefits, too. Click here to read more about it.

THAT'S ALL OF IT! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding these products through the comment box below. :) Can't wait to try and discover new awesome products this year!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Where can i buy the roll and dazzle of fashion21? From what mall ot store? Thanks!!!

  2. hi bing..where can we buy the artist studio looks like sigma brushes..the way it look, i can tell it is really soft..have a great day