Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Event Show for a Cause: Handog Para Kay Juan at Juana

On the first day of August this year, we participated to an event show for a cause organized by Royal Myrh Talents and Entertainment Services which is owned and managed by Jessy Mendiola's family. I was invited by Mr. Sam Atun, partner of Royal Myrh, to be one of the official makeup artists along with my sister, Misty a.k.a. Queen B., and my good friend and fellow YouTube beauty guru, Joyce Sola.

I was able to meet new people and I actually had a nice chat with Meg Mendiola, the youngest sister of Jessy Mendiola. I also got to do their makeups except for Jessy because I believe she was really busy. She actually came in late and left as soon as her performance ended. I didn't even get to take a photo with her. :(

Anyway, we were assisted by my friend, Daisy and also by Ms. Josie who was a participant of my first Blend It! Makeup Workshop! :)

Here are Meg, Pam, and the talents of Royal Myrh that I glammed up:

I also groomed three male talents of Royal Myrh.

Of course, we stayed at the event to watch the show. Joyce, Daisy, and Ate Josie didn't finish it though but my sister and I decided to stay until it's over. Here are a few snapshots:

Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones of 93.9 iFM performing their epic parody songs! We actually enjoyed!

Jessy Mendiola performing her Maria Mercedes song :)

Jessy and Pam Mendiola

Ate Josie, Daisy, and me

Queen B.!

My sister, Sam Atun, and me

ussie with Pam!

Before we left, we took a photo with Pam Mendiola and their Mom. :)

It was a tiring but great day, knowing that we were able to help Filipino children who are less fortunate. The proceeds of this event were donated to Payatas Elementary children and Kinilian Feeding Program. Thanks for having us, Royal Myrh! More power to you, guys. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission!

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  1. i'M LOVIN' it! fan of yours ms. Bing!