Saturday, August 15, 2015

ELF Studio Flawless Finish Foundation Review

I've had this foundation for many months now and just thought I'd share with you what I think about it. The ELF Studio Flawless Finish Foundation is by far, ELF's best foundation. I really love the packaging of this foundation. It looks sleek and sophisticated. You may actually think that this foundation is expensive because of its fancy bottle but it's really affordable.

Product: ELF Flawless Finish Foundation
Price: P349.75
Available at: Watsons, Department Stores


The foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump. I love foundations that come in pump bottles because they are more sanitary, easy to dispense the product and you can control the amount of foundation you're going to get plus you would not worry about the foundation from dripping on the sides of the bottle.


The formula of the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation is oil-free and it has SPF 15. It is written at the back of the bottle that this foundation helps prevent sunburn. Well, I'm not yet sure about that because I don't usually bask under the sun (takot ako, hehe).

The texture isn't too thick but when I pump it at the back of my hand, it doesn't run/drip. This foundation is a joy to blend. It glides on smoothly, feels very light on the skin and it's true what the company claims about this product, --- it is silky smooth. The finish is semi-matte but I still set it with powder due to our humid weather here in the Philippines and also, to make the foundation last longer. It has a medium to full coverage but it doesn't have a cake-y feeling even with two to three layers (in my experience). The coverage is just amazing! When I took photos for this review, I really timed it when I was having a lot of breakouts on my face. I had a lot of pimples and blemishes back then (almost depressing for me) and this foundation was able to conceal the imperfections on my face. Here's a before-and-after image to support my testimonial:

Note: This was taken months ago.

I applied one layer of the foundation in this photo. You can still see some of my blemishes on my forehead peeking through but with two layers, it was able to conceal all my pimple scars, blemishes, redness of the skin, and other imperfections. Amazing, isn't it? It sets really well onto the skin, too.


As for the product's longevity, yes, it stays on for long hours. It doesn't fade that quickly and whenever I wear this, I rarely do touch-ups.

After setting the foundation with powder:

After 6 hours:


The shade that I picked is called Sand. There are four shades available in ELF stores here in the Philippines but according to ELF's website, there are a total of six shades available for this foundation (Porcelain, Sand, Buff, Caramel, Almond, Coco). I chose the shade Sand because looking at the bottle, it appears that it's the best match for my skin tone. It is also the second lightest shade. The lightest shade is called Porcelain but it just seems too light for me and the third shade after Sand which is called Buff looks a little darker than my skin color so I chose Sand. However, when I applied Sand on my face, it still looks a bit dark on me so I highly recommend that you test it before buying. Choosing the shades for this foundation can be quite tricky because even though it looks light from the bottle, the color might change when you apply it on your skin. Foundations don't usually oxidize when applied on my face/skin.


Yes and yes! It's one of the best affordable drugstore foundations that I've tried. I will definitely repurchase though I might get the lightest shade the next time. I recommend the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation especially to those who have combination and oily skin type. But of course, what works for me won't always work the same for others. :)


  1. So pretty Miss Bing! I will definitely try this foundation :)
    Thanks for sharing keep the great post coming!
    Have a nice day!


  2. nice review! did you try this with flash photography? :3