Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quick, Easy, and Simple Eye Makeup To Complete Your Look!

I admit, I am not really a good model of punctuality especially in school. As a working student and a nocturnal, I always stay up late and sometimes (if not most of the times), I wake up late so I have less time to prepare. Since I have experienced that countless times already, I have found ways and mastered how to do a quick and easy look perfect for any daytime occasions.

Usually, a little concealer, powder, eyebrow mascara, mascara, and lip stain are my life savers! BUT sometimes, if I have lesser time to prepare, powder, eyebrow mascara, and mascara are my best companions. However, there are times when a particular occasion requires you to be more made up. Since we don't always have the time to glam up fully, I have an easy solution for that --- SIMPLE EYE MAKEUP! It's amazing how a simple eye makeup can change your whole look. Here's a 1-minute eye makeup look that always saves my not-so-punctual arse! ;)