Saturday, July 23, 2016

Product Review: Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel

As a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, I've received a lot of questions regarding their eyebrows like how they can prolong the wear of their eyebrow makeup and how to lighten their eyebrows especially if they have full set of brows. My answer for those questions is always eyebrow mascara.

The good thing about eyebrow mascaras is that they have many uses. They tame the brow hairs, set the brows in place, prolong the eyebrow makeup, and neutralize the eyebrow color. You can even wear them alone or on top of your eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. But before, not a lot of makeup brands carry eyebrow mascaras. Probably the first eyebrow mascaras that I knew about are the ones from MAC which are kinda expensive for some. And then suddenly, it became a big thing in the makeup industry and different makeup brands finally came up with their own formulas for eyebrow mascaras, even by the local cosmetic brands. Personally, I am really glad that there are now more affordable eyebrow mascaras in the market because that means, more people can try them and hopefully help them with their eyebrow problems. :)

One of the most famous local makeup brands here in the Philippines, Fashion 21, already carry these life-saver eyebrow mascaras. I got all perked up when I saw it on their makeup counters and immediately purchased one to try it out and quickly became a staple in my makeup kit!

Product Name: Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel
Shades available: 5
Price: Php165
Available at: Fashion 21 counters (Watsons, department stores)

Probably the first eyebrow gels that I saw from local cosmetic brands are the clear ones. Now, they have already came up with different shades that would match different hair colors. Aside from the clear eyebrow gel, Fashion 21 came up with 4 more shades. The first shade that I got is called Dark Brown. I bought it early last year (if I can recall it correctly) and the packaging looks different than the current one.

Top: old packaging; Bottom: new packaging
I checked the wand/applicator and the formula if it changed as well but, no. It's the same wand and the same formula.

Here are the complete Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel shades:

What I noticed about the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gels is that they are all shimmery like they have micro gold flex so I thought they would also make my eyebrows look shimmery and shiny! But they have a nice and polished look which is great.

Ever since I got my first Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel, I've been using it as my everyday eyebrow tint. Sometimes, I find doing the brows such a chore and takes a lot of time. So, on days when I want to do a quick makeup and just sport a natural look (which is almost all the time, hehe), I just use eyebrow mascaras to tint and tame my eyebrows.

I just brush it on my brows to add color, straighten the edges with an angled eyebrow brush, and put back the hair in place using a clean spoolie and I'm done! If ever I created a mess, I have my concealer and/or foundation to clean the edges.

Wearing only the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel on my brows
I can't tell you how many times I have already used the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Mascara in Dark Brown for my everyday, day time, natural makeup looks!

Now, here's a more made up look with an on fleek pair of brows where I used the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel on top of my eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder to set everything. :)

What I love about the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel is that it won't leave your eyebrows stiff. It would still look natural. Also, they really last for long hours. After about 6 to 8 hours or even up to 10 hours, the edge might fade a little but the tint is still there.

If there's one thing that I don't like about the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel, probably it doesn't set that fast. Like it's just sitting on top of the brow hair at first. But it's really no biggie! What I love about it is that it lasts for hours, sets the eyebrows in place, color payoff is good (perfect as an eyebrow tint), available in different colors, and very affordable! The Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel is only Php165 and is available in every Fashion 21 counters. So, yes! I definitely recommend it since it's not heavy on the pocket and quality is already good. I'd say this is perfect for beginners.

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