Tuesday, March 6, 2018

REVIEW: Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse

Superface is created by two award-winning TV commercial directors, Larry Shiu and Jung Son. They both have worked with stars such as Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bing Bing, Lee Bing Bing, and more. After reading about Superface's history, I finally get why their logo is a director's chair and why most of their products are inspired by things related to movies or in creating movies.

One of the products of Superface that I have recently tried is their Soft Blur Lip Mousse which I discovered through Charis. It was one of their featured "Try Me" so I went ahead and order one because I thought it looks really promising. I received two out of three shades.

Product Name: Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse
Price: $20 (check my Charis shop for the promo)

According to Superface's website:

Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse

High color reflective particles thoroughly fill in the lips to give luscious and vibrant high-definition color.

The soft mousse texture effortlessly glides onto the lips and leave a comfortable, velvet finish without a sticky feeling.

The powerful moisturizing and the antioxidant effects of Superface herb 7 complex give moist, healthy, and plump lips that are full of life.

In all honesty, what made me buy this in the first place is its packaging. I love the simplicity of the red tube with just the label and logo on it. When you touch it, you will feel that it is kind of velvety. Plus, I saw the applicator which is my favorite kind of applicator. It is a pointed applicator which, I think, provides the most precise application as it can reach the hard-to-reach corners of the lips and the flat sides make it so easy to glide on the products onto the lips.

The shades that I received are Warm Brick and Flamingo. The other shade is called Flame.

These two shades are almost the same but Warm Brick is more of a muted red shade. I actually prefer it over Flamingo.

Regarding the texture and the quality, I love how Superface are almost perfectly accurate about their claims on the Soft Blur Lip Mousse. They have high color pay-off. One swipe and you will get the actual color. Once applied, you will feel that it is lightweight and does not have any sticky feeling, hence, comfortable to wear on the lips. My lips look luscious, too, whenever I wear it.

I also love the fact that it contains herbs, which what Superface calls as the Herb 7 Complex. It is a powerful antioxidant combination of 7 young herb leaves extracts such as Eruca Savita, Gingko Biloba, Camellia Japonias, Camellia Sinensis, Triticum Vulgare Sprout, Medicago Sativa, and Broccoli Sprout. These herbs prevent skin's moisture loss and combats skin-aging. These are probably ( well, I am sure) the reasons why the Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse is moisturizing and feels mild on the lips.

When it comes to its staying power, it is not that long-lasting as it easily fades when you eat or drink but it sure is more long-lasting compared to a typical lipstick and lip cream.

If you want to purchase the Superface Soft Blur Lip Mousse, you can get it from my Charis shop to avail the promo. :)


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