Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HAUL: Ever Bilena, Fashion 21, Maybelline, Etude House

I've just started to enter the makeup artistry industry. I'm now completing the tools and other stuff that a makeup artist should have. Recently, I've been trying on different types of makeups and different brands as well.

Here are my latest purchases:

They are just basically mascaras and lip products because I've been obsessed in collecting lipsticks and lip glosses recently.

The mascaras that I bought are Maybelline's Extreme Stiletto mascara and Etude House's Oh m'ye lash double up longlash. These are both in dry formula and they are both lengthening but the Extreme Stiletto works better if you really want to have an outcome of longer lashes. But Oh m'ye lash is okay, too, plus it's cheaper. It only costs 199 Php while the Extreme Stiletto costs 349 Php.

I fell in love with Ever Bilena's matte lipsticks. The quality is nice and it's actually affordable. It costs 135 Php each. The first EB matte lipsticks I purchased were Love That Red and Off Beat Pink. I bought them last October 2010. Then, when I entered the makeup industry, I decided to complete the matte lipstick collection of Ever Bilena. There are 12 shades (if I'm not mistaken) but sadly I only have 5 shades of them. Because I always stick to my budget, I decided to buy a few at a time. The latest EB matte lipsticks that I bought are Scarlet, Mirrored Mocha, and Mauvey. As expected, they are all awesome and really pigmented. However, mauvey comes out a little light since it's shade is close to a nude, natural color.

Here are the swatches:

I love them so much!

The last things that I bought are lip glosses. First is the Fashion 21 Colour Shine liquid lipstick. I have two of them. I actually bought the first one a month ago and it's the shade #9. I love it! It goes perfect over a pink and brown-ish shade of lipsticks. I thought this item is great so I bought another shade and it's the shade #3. It's red and I chose that shade because I love red. It's amazing because it's really pigmented. Fashion 21 Colour Shine liquid lipstick only costs 100 Php! I love them and they smell so sweet like candy! The next lip glosses that I bought are Ever Bilena's Advance smooth lips in Chocolate and Shimmering Mauve. They only cost 75 Php each! However, the shades are very light and sheer.

Here are the swatches:

As you can see in the picture above, the Fashion 21 Colour Shine liquid lipsticks are more pigmented than Ever Bilena's Advance Smooth Lips.

Here are the complete lip products I've mentioned:

And that's all of it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. great review, it's really nice that you're putting the prices para when we go to the mall we would have our budgets ready. i think id love to have the mirrored mocha and scarlet ls from EB, i only have mauvey, pink flame and sienna.. they're really lovely noh.. :)

  2. @Belle: Thank you! Yes they're really nice talaga. I'm collecting the EB Matte lipies talaga. I've got about 6 right now. Ang ganda kasi.

    Watch out for my next haul, I'll be posting another one tonight. :)