Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lippies Haul!

I didn’t believe and trust online shopping until I purchased my very own vanity palette and 16 pcs. brush set from Dollface Cosmetics. I took the risk and conquered the fear of being fooled by some business scam and lucky me, I didn’t become one of those poor victims. So, thanks dollface! :)
Since I got super happy with my first online purchase, I decided to shop online again. The things that I usually look for from online stores are cosmetics because I’m inlove with them and they are my guilty pleasure! :D
One regular night, I was watching random videos of Pinoy gurus in youtube. The top 5 favorite lipstick stream caught my attention since I’m also a sucker for lippies. I was watching Ms. Maricarl Janah’s top lipstick video when I first saw and heard about the artmatic lipstick. I thought it was nice so I looked for it on various online stores.
I searched and searched and saw this online store, Sophie J house of fashion and found out that they are selling artmatic lipsticks. On their store, I also found other lipstick brands such as Ferity and Rimmel. I don’t know why but all of the online store that are selling Artmatic lipsticks also sells Ferity lipsticks and Rimmel lipsticks. Anyway, I was amazed how cheap they are and got really excited so I decided to buy a few of them, 5 to be exact! Well, not all were Artmatic but I got two Artmatic, one Ferity, one Prime and one Rimmel. I bought them for only 80 PHp each. I also bought this Wet n’ Wild theatrical makeup crayons since I love artistic makeups.
Here are the products that I purchased:
I thought the Ferity USA lipstick was amazing because it’s not only pigmented but it like moisturizes the lips. But my clumsiness ruined the lipstick too soon that’s why the lipstick in the picture looks messy already. I accidentally dropped the lipstick and it broke but of course, I revived its life! LOL! This one is is Poker Red. Actually, the main reason why I bought this lipstick is because I find it really, really cute. As you can see in the picture below, it’s like a jumbo color pencil. :) I love it and I’m planning to buy more of this. :)

The Prime Collection Vitamin E Long Lasting lipstick is also nice because it moisturizes the lips as well. It’s almost like the Ferity lipstick it’s just that the Ferity lipstick is more creamy than the Prime. This is the PC - 13 by the way.

My favorite out of all the lipstick that I purchased is Rimmel in Chocoholic. I love the color, I love the texture, and the smell is so sweet like chocolate! Well, maybe that’s why it’s called Chocoholic! Haha! I got this for 100 Php.

The main reason why I purchased another set of products online are these Artmatic USA moisturizing lipsticks. I bought two and they both have orange tones. The Sweet Passion is like orange juice-orange and the Pepper Pot one is like a red lipstick with orange undertone. In pictures, it’s like a dark orange color but in person it’s more of a red than of an orange. Whatevs! I love it! :)

However, I hate the Artmatic lipstick in Sweet Passion! It’s like a glue stick! It’s so sticky, and… ugh! I can’t even explain it. It’s very different from the other Artmatic lipstick! I guess it’s already expired! Hahaha! Anyway, I so hated it that’s why it went to the thrash already. I just felt so sad because I actually liked the color. :(

I’m so disappointed with this Wet N’ Wild Fantasy Makers Theatrical Makeup Crayons. The only pigmented crayons are the yellow and red. Black is very sticky and the peach one? It’s too sheer that when I swatch it on my hands, I can’t even see it. Well, what do you expect? I only got them for 40 Php.

That’s it for my latest online purchases. ‘Til my next haul!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)



  1. great haul! sophie j fashion house brought me here. was thinking of buying dollface cosmetics palette but i, too, was afraid of being scammed. thanks for this post, i think i might purchase one :)


  2. You're welcome dear! Dollface cosmetics are great. You can receive the items 1-2 business days after your payment. Good luck! :)

  3. Do you recommend Artmatic lipstic? o.o;;

    1. They're okay but they are comparable to other lipsticks that you can find at the mall.