Sunday, July 24, 2011

HAUL yeah baby! I

I’ve been searching for the best foundation, concealers, and powders that I could use for myself and for my clients so I bought some goodies to try them out from SM North Edsa Department store.

The first thing that I bought is the Garnier Light BB Eye Roll on. This is the first item that caught my eye as soon as I entered the department store! I just asked the sales lady what it is and just like that, I took one without asking more questions about it! Haha! It’s garnier! I love garnier and I thought it’s great because it is a concealer and an eye care in one! ;) Here it is:
The next thing that I bought is the Shawil BB Cream in 01. I have purchased before their BB Cream in 03 which is their darkest shade, by the way. I bought it to use for my clients.
Here is the Shawil BB Cream in 01. It has a yellowish tone. It’s lighter than my skin tone though but they don’t have a color that suits me so what I do is I mix this with the number 03.
Personally, I love this product because it’s really great. It fills in the pores and even conceals blemishes and dark circles. The only downside to this is that it may appear a little dewy. Anyway, I still love it and it only costs 168 PhP!
After getting the Shawil BB Cream, I went to the ELF counter and bought their Corrective Concealer that I’ve been planning to purchase for months. However, I’m not really all crazy about it. It’s just OKAY for me. It consists of nude, green, lilac, and beige. I bought this for 249.75 PhP.
I know I’ve said that I’m trying different foundations, concealers, and powders only. I even have a list of what I should buy but while I was at ELF’s counter, I saw their beauty school 32 piece eye palette volume II and without having any second thoughts, I grabbed one for myself! :) This is listed in my guilt trip list! This is only 399 PhP though but it’s not included in my budgeted list! Haha! The colors are so pretty and they are all very pigmented but most of the E/S are shimmery. Next time I’ll buy the beauty book bright eye edition. :)
Here’s the photo:
Another thing that is in my guilt trip list is the Fanny Serrano gel eyeliner in dark brown. I saw it on their counter, checked it out, tried it and guess what? I bought it, too! Haha! It only costs 225 PhP. I super love it! It’s creamy and it doesn’t smudge at all once it’s already dry. The only downside to this product, I think, is because it’s so creamy, you tend to get more product than desired once you dip your brush in it. Here’s the photo. The packaging is so nice, too:
Here’s how it looks when opened: (it’s a little messy because I used it already so forgive me)
The last item that I purchased is Maybelline’s clear smooth powder cake in Honey. This is just a refill so I bought it for only 150 PhP. I must say that I super love this product! I really do! It really “smoothes” the skin and it conceals as well. It comes with a sponge like the one in the picture. I love it, you gotta try this!
We went to Robinson’s Tagaytay the following day. I did buy some products from the supermarket, too.
First is the Maybelline’s Clear Smooth BB cream in natural. I think it’s nice that they came up with another shade because the first BB cream that they released is just too light for me and I find it annoying that they claimed that it fits all skin types! Duh! Anyway, their latest BB cream is one of my new favorites! It looks amazing on me! :)
Next, I bought another matte lipstick from Ever Bilena and the shade is SIENNAS. I haven’t tried it out yet. I did a swatch though. (L: without flash, R: with flash)
I also want to add my latest purchase. I just bought it today, also from Rob Tagaytay. It’s a foundation from HBC’s San San line from their Soleil collection. I think it’s their newest line. They only got one shade and I think that sucks but I love it. It is a matte foundation with SPF 43 and it really has a matte finish! (Yep, I used it already in my latest makeup look, watch out for it!:D) It suits my skin tone but I wish they will come up with different shades too so that I can use it for my clients as well and so that some of the ladies out there who have a different skin tone than mine could try it out, too. It comes in a tube and it has a pump which is actually a plus factor. I bought this for 140 Php, 30ml.
So, yeah that’s it. I have to call it a night now since I’ve got a client tomorrow! :) Wish me luck y’all!
Stay awesome my dear dudettes!

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