Sunday, July 24, 2011


It’s just this year when I became obsessed in watching makeup tutorials in YouTube and when I became addicted in collecting and doing my makeup. This year is also when I decided to be a makeup artist. :)

You might not know this but Xteeener, it’sJudytime and Michelle Phan are the first makeup gurus that I’ve watched on YouTube. I became obsessed in watching their videos because they are Asians! I’m not being racist but it’s just because I am an Asian too so I think it’s kinda easy for me to watch makeup gurus who has the same skin types as mine. :)

Among those three gurus that I’ve mentioned, xteeener is the first makeup guru I’ve seen in YouTube… as in the FIRST ONE!!! :D I fell in love with her right after I’ve first watched her video. I always try to recreate her tutorials and I even join her contest giveaways! haha! :D

I want to share my version of one of her latest vids, her Elegant Prom makeup. Here’s a photo:

Here is Xteeener’s photo:

I used a different shade of lip color and I didn’t exactly copy her look because in her video she said that we could use different colors but I followed the steps on how to create this look.

If you want to watch her video about this look, just click this link:

Xteeener’s Elegant Prom makeup

That’s it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes!


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