Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rainbow Eyes inspired by Michelle Phan

I saw Michelle Phan’s rainbow eyes that was created for the Summer. The rainbow eyes represent the rainbow snow cones that are a big hit during the Summer. I thought it was cute and simple so I decided to do my own version of it.

Here’s my take on Michelle Phan’s rainbow eyes:

In her video, she just used a lip stain to keep the look simple but I’ve decided to use a bright fuchsia pink color! :)

Here is Michelle Phan’s photo:

Her look is way lighter than what I’ve created but what can I say, I like it heavy and hot! :D



Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation

ELF two way powder (powder)

Garnier Light BB Eye Roll On (concealer)

Dollface Cosmetics’ vanity palette (blush, bronzer, contour)


Dollface Cosmetics’ Vanity Palette

ELF Beauty School 32 Palette Volume II

Nichido Color Intense eye pencil in Turquoise

Drugstore mascara


lip color from Dollface Cosmetics’ vanity palette

Hope you liked it!!!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes!


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