Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Neutral look and Cry

Lately I’ve been practicing on mastering the neutral looks and the prime looks. Few days ago I tried on this one neutral look which has more of the brown and earth tones. That time, I’ve also been meaning to recreate Mandy Moore’s look from her music video, CRY. Her eyeshadow base there is brown… since I’m too tired and too lazy to re-apply foundations and everything, I’ve decided to use the neutral look as a base for my CRY makeup.

Here is the neutral look:

Here is the makeup inspired by Mandy Moore’s CRY video:

I did not quite get the real look though. :(

Here is Mandy Moore in Cry:

I know this video is old already but I just love Mandy Moore so much so shut the F up! ;)

That’s it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes!


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