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1930s Makeup Look: Beauty through the Decades II

1930s bid goodbye to the rebellious chicks from the 1920s and welcome the femininity of women. No more rebellious flappers and no more excessive uses of makeup. 1930 introduced a more feminine makeup look. The year 1930 is famously known as "The Great Depression" for earlier that year came the crash of the stock market.

People followed the philosophy of thrift that time and reprimanded overspending because of the country's situation. Less makeup was worn and the hairstyles were transformed into soft feminine curls from the boyish bob cut hairstyles.


Short waved hair was in during 1930s. Hair was cut at the level of the chin or above the shoulder length. Long hair were rolled in a low bun or in rows of small curls. Ladies of the 30s wore very neat and sophisticated hairstyles. Permanent waves were very popular at the time. Here are some different hairstyles from the 1930s.









Gardenia and Tea Rose foundations were the most popular during the 1930s. For the powders, ivory and light mauve were a must. Though Coco Chanel introduced tan, ladies still went for that pale ivory look.


Light pink rouge was a hit during the early 30s but later on, raspberry shades and yellow reds were in, too.


Brows were plucked very thinly. Some even shaved off completely their eyebrows. Then the eyebrows were drawn on using an eyebrow pencil and it was usually extended down the temples. Some groomed their eyebrows with petroleum jelly or oil to keep them in place.

Eye shadow shades varied over brown, green, blue, bright violet, and orchid. The crease was more defined to create that deep set effect. Some even drawn on a black line from the tear duct to the end of the eyes for that well defined crease. Blondes went for blue, green, and bright violet shades while brunettes used purples and browns. At daytime, a teeny tiny amount of petroleum jelly was applied on the lids to match the shiny look of the eye brows. During night times, bright shimmering eye shadows were applied on the lids and dark shades on the crease.

Upper eyelashes were curled and were usually applied on with heavy coats of mascara. False lashes were even used. Lower lashes had little mascara but were sometimes left bare.


The most famous lipstick colors were raspberry tones, chinese red, browns, and maroons. The mouth should appear full with rounded corners and the upper lips were a little longer. This mouth was called the "rosebud mouth".


Greta Garbo - international film star, an icon, and an accomplished actress.

Jean Harlow - American film actress and the "sex symbol" of the 1930s. Known as "Blonde Bombshell" and "Platinum Blonde".

Marlene Dietrich - a German actress and singer. She was one of the highest paid actress during her time.

Although it was the time of The Great Depression, the ladies were not stopped from being beautiful and all glamed up! :)

So, now, I'll show you my 1930s inspired makeup look:


E.L.F. All over stick in apricot beige
E.L.F. Clarifying pressed powder
Carline pimple concealer
Careline oil-control single blush-on in charming pink

Glue stick (to conceal the eyebrows)
E.L.F. All over stick in apricot beige
Ever Bilena precision blender
Fashion 21 color set
In2It gel eye liner
Drugstore black mascara

Ever Bilena raspberry lip liner
Ferity lipstick in Poker Red
Fashion 21 Colour Shine liquid lipstick in 03

That's it for the 1930s makeup look! :)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

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