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1950s Makeup Look: Beauty through the Decades IV

1950's makeup look is one of my favorite looks. Very simple yet elegant and sophisticated. This was the era of those typical housewives that you watch in movies and TV shows who did household chores but were all very glammed up! Think about the movies Pleasantville and The Stepford Wives (and Desperate Housewives)! They were a bunch of hot, goddess-like housewives!

1950s was the time where the women finally got to focus more on their hair and makeups. It was the decade of peace. The war has just ended so the women got to spend more time in the house after the many demands of wartime. Every ladies aimed to look more fashionable and well-groomed. Although their look was simple, heavier makeups were actually applied and the hairstyle were more complicated than the previous decades.


No more long wavy hairs. Hello short curly hairs!

1950 Feathered Allure
1950's Hairstyle Picture

1952 Soft Bob Look
1950's Hairstyle Picture

1953 Swirlawave
1950's Hairstyles

1954 Nape Flip Up
1950 Hairstyle Picture

1957 New wave
1950 Hairstyle Picture

1957 Winged Coifette
1950 Hairstyle Picture

Poodle Cut
1950's Hairstyle Picture


What we think of today as the classic look was the look of the 1950s. Cat-eyes and red lip which was made famous by the beauty icon, Marilyn Monroe, was a hit but it was actually the look the women of 50s went for during night time. In day time, simpler and more natural look were worn.


Peaches and cream canvas! Pan cakes were usually used to achieve that flawless yet natural look.



Well, based on my observation and research, eyebrows were plucked thin and high during the early 50s. But in the middle and in the late 50s, thick brows, like Audrey Hepburn's, were popular.

For the eyes, you won't be needing a lot of colors to choose from since women of the 50s opted for the neutral colors. Earth tones and silvery eye shadows with a little shimmer would be perfect. Then, eyeliners were applied on the upper lash line. In the evening, you can wear the cat-eye look by drawing on a higher wing. Mascara was applied very thickly. To really achieve that look, go for the falsies.


Women aspired for that natural flush on their faces. Use a rosy blush to achieve this look and contour just a little bit.


The 50s were all about pastels. Bright colors were used on the lips. Of course, the most popular lip color was red, bright pastel red. You can wear this by day and it was the most popular choice by night. Lips should appear lush and full.

1950s Beauty Icons

Well, I bet you know who are they! ;-)

Elizabeth Taylor

Ava Gardner

Jayne Mansfield

Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe

Now, here is the look that I've created.


Soleil matte foundation
ELF Clarifying pressed powder in honey
Maybelline clear smooth powder cake in honey
Aido makeup set

Ever Bilena precision blender
Aido makeup set
Fashion 21 color set
Maybelline eye studio gel eye liner
San San cosmetics long lash mascara

Styli-style flat lip pencil in marbella

And I remember I also did a 50s look months ago

Here are some photos:

So, that was it!

Hopefully you gained something from this.

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

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