Friday, August 26, 2011

HAUL yeah baby! Part V (NYX HAUL)

Last Tuesday, August 16, an online store in FB had a one day sale for on hand NYX cosmetics. May I just say that that sale was insaaaaaneee! The rule for that 1-day sale was a "MINE" policy. What is a MINE policy? Well, you have to comment "mine" on the photo of a certain item that you like to get it. For example there are only 4 pieces available for that product, you have to be included in the first four to comment mine to get the item.

I thought it would be easy but boy, it was intense! You cannot imagine the pressure that I felt that night of the sale! What made it so hard is that the seller, Sam, didn't put the sale items in one album but she posted each photos of the items on her FB wall and you have to be quick to comment to get what you want! Hahaha it was insane! I'm sure all of the ladies who participated in that sale felt the same way. We were all complaining about how painful our hands and fingers already by pressing the key F5 to refresh the page to be updated on the newly posted item and by trying to type the word MINE quickly just to get the item. But it was fun and I could tell that we were all enjoying. Some gained friends and acquaintances (including me). :)

You have no idea how many items I didn't get! It was harder than I thought! So, if by any chance you'll participate in this kind of crazy sale, don't be fooled! And move fast because you might think that you're the first one to comment but really, you're the 10th person already even though only 5 seconds had passed since the photo was posted! Hahaha! That sale was EVIL, I'm telling you! EVIL!

So, anyway, even though I didn't get some of the items that I wanted, (like the rouge cream blush in orange!) at least I did get 4! :-)

NYX matte lipstick in Perfect red (PhP210), NYX rouge cream blush in Red Cheeks (PhP210), and two slim lip pencils (PhP75 each), Orange and Plum.

I received the items 2 days after payment.

You can see in the photos below that the packaging was really secured.

It was nice because the items were stored in a pretty, small gift bag. :) 

The items were wrapped securely with bubble wraps.

If you're wondering why there are 5 items here, well, the seller, Sam, was so nice to give us a freebie! Yey! That's a lip balm, the orange one. So, thank you very much for this, Sam!

If you want to order NYX cosmetics from Sam, go to her online store. Here's the link:
She also has another online store, the Samsville House of Fashion. Check it out here:

That's it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Wow sounds really fun! Great haul Bing! I love hauls!

  2. indeed it was fun! Hey thanks, Genn! :)