Friday, August 5, 2011

HAUL yeah baby! III (HUGE Collective Haul)

I recently went to SM North Edsa all by myself to buy some stuff and to just wander alone. I kinda miss the feeling of wandering all by myself, strolling the mall, and hanging out alone because I used to be like that until my boyfriend appeared on the picture. :) Don't get me wrong, being alone usually sucks but it's just that sometimes you need to take some time alone to relax and unwind. Anyway, I bought a lot of stuff! I went crazy and splurged a bit... NOT! As a matter of fact, I splurged a LOT. As in big time!

Here are the stuff that I got last night.

Papaya Facial Scrub Jam  - I saw it at the skin care section. It caught my attention so I decided to try it. I only bought the small tube since I will still test if it's a good product.
Php59.00 (SM Department Stores)
(SM Department Stores)

Wet n wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in 346 Strike-A-Pose-Rose - This comes in four illuminating shades and it can be used individually or together. You can use it on your face or on your body to have that shimmery effect. :)
Php 399.00
Wet n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder in 824A Bare - This is a paraben-free pressed powder that provides sheer-to-medium coverage. It comes with a puff and a mirror.
Php 499.00

3. E.L.F. Studio COSMETICS

(SM Department Stores and Online shops)

E.L.F. Studio Tinted Moisturizer in porcelain - I bought this product for everyday use because I don't like wearing a lot of makeup unless there's an event. This contains SPF 20 so it would really be nice especially when I'm under the sun. I hope this will be a great product. I'll do a review about this soon.
Php 249.75
E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige 3201 - I learned about this product from YouTube guru, Maricarl Janah. I think I'm going to use this mostly as a concealer. It says it treats under eye blemishes and skin redness so, we'll see!
Php 129.75
E.L.F. Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow 2302 - I actually bought this blusher because I realized that I don't own a lot of individual blushers. Most blushers that I use are from the palettes that I have like the Vanity Palette from dollface and my Aido palette. The only individual blushers that I have are my E.L.F. blush and bronzer and my Careline oil control single blush on. I only bought one just to try if it has a good quality.
Php 129.75

E.L.F. Studio Lip Stain in birthday suit - This lippy comes with a lip stain and gloss on the other side. It claims to last for hours because of its long-wear formula. On the box, it states that you can use the lip stain for that matte look or you can apply the gloss for a shiny look. My sister-in-law have one of this with the red shade and I think it's okay. I will do a review on this product soon.
Php 249.75

Fashion 21 Color Set - This palette comes with 48 different beautiful colors, from neutrals to bright colors. I heard about this product from Ms. Noe of Colorismyweapon and I've seen her used it a lot of times and I thought it's a great palette so I bought one for myself and for clients as well. I love it because it has a velvet pouch to hold and secure the palette itself. (Look at Quadrant IV to see my boyfriend peeking and striking a pose in the mirror! LOL)

(SM Department Stores)
It also comes with 2 sponge applicators but I will be throwing those away since I won't be using it. Most of the applicators from the palettes that I have suck. I'll just use my own brushes. Anyway, here are the colors with and without flash. This costs Php 375.00, by the way.

5. IN2IT
In2It Waterproof Gel Liner in very black - I think I'm going to love this liner! Hopefully this would be the answer for that long-wearing eye liner without smudging and bleeding. I am obsessed with liners and sadly after long hours of wearing it, it will usually result of having raccoon or panda eyes! I found out about this product from donnarence of My Lucid Intervals and she did a really nice review about this liner. I'll do a review on this soon.
Php 379.75 (Watsons / SM Department Stores)

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Pencil in WT909 - I saw this white liner a month ago from SM North Edsa and I liked it because it is very creamy and very white. Unfortunately it is very expensive and I don't have the money to buy this at that time so I just planned to invest on this. Now I'm very happy because I finally got it! I will show you a swatch of this liner soon.
Php 495.00 (SM Department Stores)

Etude House Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss - I don't actually know where to find the shade from the packaging  but this is a sheer red gloss with a very sweet, candy-like smell. It even tastes like candy!
Php 278.00 (Etude House outlets / SM Department Stores)

Etude House Lip and Eye makeup remover - This is actually my first ever makeup remover. I've seen this product first from Say Tioco Artillero and in her video, she mentioned that this product does not sting your eyes and it's affordable. So, I went ahead and bought one to try it out and it really doesn't sting my eyes, not even a bit. I've tried this makeup remover from Eskinol before (it's my sister's) and it freakin' hurt my eyes! It stings like hell! Since then, I've decided to use a baby oil or petroleum jelly to remove my eye makeup to avoid hurting my eyes. Now, I have my own makeup remover that I can trust. :D

Php 198.00 (Etude House outlets / SM Department Stores)

Marionnaud N32 Slanted Blusher Brush - I've seen a lot of reviews regarding this brush so I bought it to try it out myself. Marionnaud brushes are great, I've got three of them, oh, four! Including this new blusher brush. :)
Php 169.75 (Watsons / SM Department Stores)

Evian Water Face Spray - Some say that a spritz of this will help set your makeup. That I'll have to check first but I bought this mainly to rehydrate my skin. :)
Php 199.00 (Watsons / SM Department Stores)

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray - This is used to protect and seal your hair from the heat of the flat iron. It also claims to strengthen and soften the hair. I can't wait to use this! The sales lady told me that this is one of their best sellers.
Php 449.00 (SM Department Stores)

Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray - I've seen this, again, from Ms. Say Tioco Artillero and after watching her video I told myself that I will buy this. Why? Because it's very affordable for its size. It's very tall, actually. This hair spray has a citrus fragrance and a maximum hold. I can use this for my clients! I love it! It's orange! Haha! :)
Php 178.00 (Tony Moly outlets)

12. GRAB
Grab Orange Medium Messenger Bag - So, I was at the bags section just looking around when I laid eyes on this cute orange polka dotted messenger bag! I was already holding an animal printed makeup bag when I saw this but without thinking twice, I put back the makeup bag and got this baby instead. If you guys don't know, I'm currently obsessed with the color orange nowadays. It's a happy color! It makes me happy! Hahaha! :D (See?) This bag have double zippers so that means two compartments and the strap is adjustable. They also have this in other sizes and colors (blue and gray).

Php 249.75 (SM Department Stores)

I told you, this is a HUGE haul. :)

That's it! Watch out for my reviews about some products from this haul.

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. I love hauls! Can't wait for the reviews~

  2. Fabulous haul! I hope you will love the ELF all over cover stick and Fashion 21 Color set as much as I do :)