Friday, August 5, 2011

SIMPLE SUMMER (The Four Seasons Makeup Series Part III)

Hello everyone! I am back with the 3rd part of my Four Seasons Makeup Series, the SIMPLE SUMMER. This look is the second wearable makeup for this series. The first one is Autumn. Winter and Spring are the creative ones! :)

When you think about Summer, first thing that usually hits you is vacation and recreations. People usually spend their summer on beaches, right? :) I know you do, too! So, I've decided to do a very simple look for this part because you won't be needing a lot of makeup during the summer since you pretty much spend it in water and don't forget to add the very humid and hot weather.

Here's the look:

Very simple, isn't it? I've decided to use light yellowish green color for the eyes to represent the sun and the fun you can get from your summer vacation. The color is bright and for me it's one of those happy colors! :) I just used a white highlighter on the brow bone, swiped a white eye pencil on the water line, black waterproof liner on the upper lash line, waterproof mascara, and pink color on the cheeks and lips to add more color. :)
As for the face, I didn't use foundation. What I used was a B.B. cream from Maybelline. Again, you don't want to wear a lot of makeup during the summer. This look is just perfect for. :)


Maybelline BB Cream in natural 02
Maybelline clear smooth pressed powder in Honey
Garnier Light BB eye roll-on
Careline oil control single blush-on in charming pink

Ever Bilena Ever original
Light greens and white from Dollface Vanity Palette
ELF cream eye liner in black
Elite white eye pencil
Maybelline Extreme Stiletto mascara

Nivea Natural Volume lip care
Ever Bilena matte lipstick in off beat pink

More Photos:

I know the summer is 8 months from now but this is just a part of my makeup series. :)
I do hope you like it though!

That's it!
Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

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