Monday, September 19, 2011

1990s Makeup Look (Beauty through the Decades Part VIII)

I'm finally down to the last part of my Beauty through the Decades makeup series! Hello 1990's!

I love the 90s because I was already a person in this decade and I have quite a few memories about this era regarding music and how people looked back then. I love 90s music because it was the time of my eldest sister and older brother so I was influenced with their choices of music. I also remembered my sister and my older cousins used to wear dark or brown matte lip colors. Most of the time, they are not wearing makeup at all. Or if they do, they only use a little just to enhance their faces. They also wore their hair very differently compared to how they sported their hairstyles during the 80s based on their pictures I've seen. No more big curly hairs. Most of the time they just have their hair down. The only way they style their hairs was by adding volume by blow drying.

After reviewing and researching about the 90s hairstyles and makeup looks a couple of weeks ago, I told myself, "Ah, so that's why they (my sister and cousins) looked like that back then". Wanna know why I thought about that? Let's go and review the 90s hairstyles and makeup trends.


1990s PUNK

Girl's Punk Hairstyles-1

This hairstyle reminds me of The Cranberries.


This teen hairstyle was popularized by most stars in the 90s such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa Joan Hart, Michelle Williams, Reese Witherspoon, and Alyssa Milano.


Girls went gaga over this hairstyle after seeing the movie Ghost which starred Demi Moore, who popularized this very short hairstyle. Some even call this looke, The Style of Demi Moore.


Julia Roberts is one of the best tressed celebrities during the 90s.


This haircut was popularized by Jennifer Aniston which attracted many people. It became famous during the height of the comedy sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Jennifer played as Rachel Green, hence the hairstyle The Rachel Green.


The Grunge Look

The grunge look was popular during the early 90s. People back then were influenced by the grunge music. The intention of wearing makeup was, weirdly, not to beautify oneself but really the opposite.

FACE - Pale, matte skin. Some even used a foundation lighter than their skin tone to achieve this look.
EYES - Heavily-applied and smudged black eyeliner, mascara to make the eyes look even darker, glitters were sometimes used and the brows were not defined nor groomed
BLUSH - not usually worn
LIPS - Intense matte deep reds (sometimes smeared), dark colors, metallic colors

Natural/Neutral Look

The natural, matte makeup look became popular during the mid 90s. Women finally went back on beautifying their faces when the brown-toned, light pinks, and matte makeup arrived.

FACE - matte, natural-looking skin were achieved by using matte liquid or cream foundation and powder for setting
EYES - brown, neutral, and light pink shades were popular for the eyes. Darker shades were used for the crease and highlighter on the brow bone. Dark eyeliner applied very thinly on the upper lash line. Choices for mascara were brown and black. Brows were shaved to medium thickness and were well-defined.
BLUSH - creamy pink, dusty rose, and neutral tones
LIPS - matte lip colors with the shades of brown, red, or wine

The No-Makeup Look

During the late 90s, women tried to perfect the natural look. The no-makeup look was achieved with a minimal use of makeup.

FACE - foundations and powders were usually skipped. Of course, the skin was moisturized that's why the face was often just fresh and dewy-looking. Concealer was used if needed.
EYES - no eyeshadows. Cream foundation was just applied all over the lids. Dark eyeliners were replaced by the white ones. Eyebrows were thicker.
BLUSH - blusher were not worn or if desired, it should be applied very lightly
LIPS - thickly glossed lips. No colored lip glosses, please!

1990s Beauty Icons

Julia Roberts

Naomi Campbell

Linda Evangelista

Cindy Crawford

Elle MacPherson

Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer

Jennifer Aniston

Drew Barrymore

Angelina Jolie

Winona Ryder


Now, let me show you my 90s inspired makeup look. I chose the neutral/natural look.


Revlon ColorStay foundation in Medium Beige
Fanny Serrano two way cake in Organza
Dollface Cosmetics' vanity palette (blush and contour)

Ever Bilena precision blender (brows and water line)
Aido makeup set
San san cosmetics long lash mascara in black

Ever Bilena lip pencil in BBQ
Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mirrored Mocha

That's it! I hope you liked my makeup look and I hope you learned something from this blog post about the 90s hairstyle and makeup trends.

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. You got the 90's look SPOT ON

    you have a great blog by the way it's such a pleasure to read :)

  2. Aww thank you very much Kat! :) Highly appreciated!