Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: San San Matte Foundation

This is one of my favorite foundations ever! I'm into matte foundation because I'm not really a big fan of dewy looking face. San San matte foundation is one of the bests I've tried. This is not a new product of San San. My Mom actually had one of this when I was still in high school? I'm not sure but she had this foundation even before I started learning how to use makeup.

I got the shade 03. Well it's actually darker than my natural skin tone but I chose this one because it has a yellow undertone. I just use a powder lighter than my skin tone to set it so that it would match my natural skin color and I'm telling you, the result is awesome. It's like I'm wearing a foundation that matches my skin color, very natural.

I also loooove the packaging. It comes in a small bottle that looks like a nail polish bottle when closed. One of the many great things about this product is the applicator. It's really like a nail polish but instead of a nail polish brush, a small spatula is attached onto the cap (look at the picture above). I love the packaging especially the small spatula because you can control how much product you want to get and I think it's very hygienic as well. You can clean the spatula after using it. Another awesome thing about the San San matte foundation is that they're really affordable. I only got this for P130 and they're not even on sale! Hahaha! =D

The only problem I have with this foundation is that they don't have a wide variety of shades to choose from. I think they only have 5 or 6. They have the green one (which my Mother had before) for correcting the redness of the face, a shade that is almost close to white, an ivory-like shade which is very light but has yellow undertone, this one (no.3), and their darkest one which has pinkish/reddish undertone. I'm not sure if that's all they have. If you want to check it out for yourself, just go to any HBC outlets. :)

Keep on reading to see why I love them so much.

Okay, so this is me and my bare face. Look at all those little blemishes and the circles around my eyes!

After applying the San San matte foundation, VOILA! See the huge difference?
My blemishes were not that visible anymore and my dark circles were totally concealed. My face looks smooth and flawless!

Now, this is me after applying powder, blush-on, lipstick and all that jazz.

I look awesome! Hahaha! My face just looked so flawless and it's all thanks to San San matte foundation.
The foundation stays on pretty well for long hours, too. 6-7 hours tops.

This is me after 2 hours.

After 4 hours...

After 9 hours.

I love this foundation! I also use them on my clients. This is definitely in my top list. I just hope that San San (HBC) will create more shades so that a lot of women can use this. I totally recommend this product. It's perfect for combination to oily skin type.

I hope you liked this one.

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. yes sis, you look awesome :)

    the coverage is really amazing, it's as if a concealer too noh,
    better check it out
    great review!

  2. Yes sis you should really check it our! Such a steal for the price 0f 130..

  3. OMG I am going to try this! This is not the first time I heard good reviews about this product.

  4. It's really awesome! Try their concealer as well, very nice din!

  5. Promise I will buy this! I have their Soleil matte foundation and I'm liking. Hope I will like this one too :D

  6. I have the Soleil matte foundie too! Ganda diba? That one naman, lighter than my skin color so I set it wit a powder darker than my skin color. :D

  7. I also love your lipstick. :)
    What lipstick did you use?

  8. Thanks! I used NYX slim lip pencil in Rose. If you want you can buy from me. ;-)

  9. ang ganda mo naman... :))

  10. anong powder ginamit mong pang patong sa face mo?? really like the results.. u really awesome :) do you have you tube site??..

  11. Hi RuthTheAddiction!
    Haha, salamat po!
    Hmm, I forgot ano ginamit ko. Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake ata. :)

    Yes here's my YT channel:

    I hope you'll subscribe. :)

  12. Hi Bing,
    I really love your blog and your youtube chan...kinda getting addicted to you na nga eh..hehe

    Just want to ask about the san2x matte do you apply it? I mean using your fingers, brush, or sponge? Have you tried using a stippling brush? thanks Bing and pasensya, daming tanong..hehe

  13. Hello Rannmay! Haha thank you you're so sweet! :)

    I apply the san san foundation using my marionnaud slanted brush or any of the foundation brushes that I have. :) I haven't tried using it with a stippling brush yet e.

  14. wow. I never thought this foundation is that awesome! I wanna try this! Thanks for the great review!

  15. It really is awesome! You're welcome! :)

  16. Wow! It really is like your second skin. Need to try it. But since I'm acidic I'll get the shade lighter than this. I think I've seen the darkest shade, sort of like a cinnamon shade with more red in it.
    Thanks for this!



    1. Yes, the lighter shade will suit you best. Thanks, CJ! :)