Friday, September 30, 2011

Review: AIDO makeup set

I think makeup palettes are very essential to all makeup lovers especially makeup artists because you get to save money, they're convenient, and they save space from your makeup storage. However, you gotta be careful in choosing makeup palettes. You should examine first the great deal you're gonna get from it and of course, the quality.

There are a lot of inexpensive makeup palettes and some are great, some are just okay, while some are not and just a waste of money and space. I'm going to review here one of my favorite makeup palettes. The Aido Classic Make Up Set. This was actually given to me by my boyfriend. :)

As indicated on the palette, this is one of their classics. They have this palette for such a long time already. My Mom had the same palette when I was in Grade 6. I already love makeup that time and when I reached high school, I started using makeup occasionally. I remember using my Mom's Aido make up set and I loved it. My sister did too. My Mom barely uses eyeshadows so it's basically I and my sister who used our Mom's palette. We loved it so much because there are a lot of colors to choose from plus the quality is actually great. That's why I was so happy when my boyfriend surprised me with this. He knows how obsessed I am with cosmetics! ;)

There is a built-in mirror under the top cover.Aido Classic Make Up Set has three layers.  On the first layer are 16 pieces of eyeshadows with different pretty colors. On the second layer you'll find four shades of blushers and two shades of pressed powders. The third layer, which is the last layer, contains four small brushes, two small eye pencils, and another 4 pieces of eyeshadows. The only missing components in this palette are lip colors and mascara. ;-)


This picture shows the colors from the left side of the palette.

This picture shows the colors from the right side of the palette.


This picture shows the swatches of the blushers from the palette. Pretty nice, right?

L-R: Upper left color from the palette, lower left, upper right, lower right

Here's a closer look.

This picture shows swatches of the two powders.

Top: darker shade, Bottom: lighter shade


This picture shows the four eyeshadows from the third layer. I sometimes use colors 3 and 4 for my eyebrows and they're just perfect!

These are the brushes included in the palette.

These are the eye pencils included in the palette. I use the brown one for my brows as well and it works just fine. :)

- I love that it's an all in one palette
- Many colors to choose from
- Eyeshadows and blushers stay for long hours
- Eyeshadows and blushers are not powdery
- Reasonable price for around P450 (forgot the exact amount)
- Decent packaging
- Convenient to use. Great to carry when travelling.

- The brushes are really bad. I don't even use them. I just used the sponge for swatching.
- Some eye colors are not that pigmented
- The pressed powders are not that great. They doesn't stay on for long.

If I have to rate Aido Classic Make Up Set, I'm gonna give it 4 out of 5 stars. I can recommend this palette to beginners. This is also great for those of you who loves travelling. Very convenient to use because you get to save more space for other stuff.

That's it! If you have the same palettes, tell me how it works out for you.

By the way, Belle from Candycoatedpaw requested for a pic of the Aido Makeup Set. Here it is dear! I even made a review of it.

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. yay sis.. special mention talaga hehe :) thanks for taking time to review ha, this is totally different from my aido.. :) but this one's better i guess. great for beginners like me nga.. ill try to check it out on my next visit. :) you're the best!

    salamat sis!mwah mwah

  2. of course sissie! :) No problem! You should try it out nga. :) Thanks din sis, mwah!

  3. Hello, goodevening, i just want to ask if where did u bought this? this is really important, i just broke my friend's aido palette just like this one, and i dont know where i can buy it, i dont want to ask her, she probably wont let buy a new one for her. I will really appreciate your response, thank you!

    1. Hello, Paula! You can get this from Watsons at Fashion 21 counter because I think Aido and Fashion 21 belong in the same company or something.

  4. Hi! Did you use this in one of your tutorials?

    1. Yes! I've used this a few times already in my tutorials. :)

  5. HIII!!! Gusto ko nung Aido Stick Foundation & Concealer in one

  6. hello can you link the video tutorial in Aido Makeup set?

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