Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Three Years!

Last Saturday, October 22, 2011, was the day of our third year anniversary (boyfriend and me). We didn't actually celebrate it because last Saturday, we accompanied her sister (with her husband and their daughter) to the sportswears event of the Baby ng Pilipinas. My boyfriend's niece (his sister's daughter) is a candidate. It was held in SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall. That's where we pretty much spent our anniversary.

There was also another event in the Megatrade Hall other than the Baby ng Pilipinas. The other event was the 5th Marpe Health Expo with the theme Natural Health for the Nation's Health that's why the sportswears event's theme was all about nutrition.

Here are some of the photos taken during the event:

There were food corners in the Megatrade Hall. One was the Kenneth's Shawarma and Catering Services and that's where we ate our lunch.

I ordered baked mac and chicken lollipop while Lincon ordered fried dumplings and shawarma. Sadly and annoyingly, the foods were not delicious! Soooo not satisfying! Ugh!

While waiting for the food, Lincon left me at the table for a while and went to one of the booths. When he came back, he handed me a small plastic with two pairs of earrings! He knows how obsessed I am with earrings. Hahaha!

I love, love, love these earrings! :)

More photos!

This is Alexa, my boyfriend's niece. Our very own Baby ng Pilipinas from Alfonso, Cavite! :-)

Candidates were accompanied by their parents on stage. Tonton (Alexa's Dad) didn't want to go up on stage so it was just Sis Chea (Lincon's sister) who accompanied Alexa. LOL.

Alexa sported a modernized badminton attire.

She even showed off by dancing the novelty song "Kendeng-Kendeng" from Wil Time Big Time. Hahaha! :-D

Each candidates should have a slogan about nutrition since it was the theme. This is Alexa striking a pose with her slogan while waiting for our car. I basically sketched everything then the rest of the gang helped me with coloring (including my two nieces). ;-)


After the event, I bought a few things from Ellana...

...and from G-Lish.

Details about my Ellana and g-lish haul to be written in my next blog. :)

That's it y'all! Even though we didn't celebrate our anniversary with just the two of us, and even though there were no fancy dinners or flowers, I still enjoyed the day because I'm not really interested in how we celebrate it but I'm more interested, in fact, thrilled with the idea that we've been together for 3 years now. . . and we're still looking forward to more, more, and more years!

I love you so much, Yumyum Ko! :-)

Thank you for reading and watch out for my next haul post!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. congratulations on your anniv! indeed, it's the bond that matters, not anything else - good for both of you! (^_^)

    cute cute naman ng baby gurl! hihi..

  2. Thank you so much, sis! <3
    Yes super cute and super bibo! :D

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