Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haul yeah baby! X (Ellana and G-Lish and Feather Earrings)

Last Saturday (October 22), we went to SM Megamall to attend the sportswear event of Baby ng Pilipinas where my boyfriend's niece is a candidate. (Read all about it HERE) After the event, I bought some stuff from Ellana Minerals and G-Lish.

Let's start first with the stuff I got from G-Lish:

The reason why I checked out g-lish's stall was because I saw a video review of this brand by Anna Tan of thecountessana in YouTube. I just like her so much that's why when I saw the g-lish's stall, it reminded me of her and decided to check out their products.

I bought the Cross the Line Eyeliner Palette which was actually included in Anna Tan's video, a lip brush with cover/cap and the Make a Wish spray mist. I love this mist. It's great for everyday use. The scent is so refreshing, kinda like a citrus smell. Actually, the mist was bought by my boyfriend. He bought one for his sister and one for me. ;-)

G-Lish Cross the Line Eyeliner Palette - PHP 100
G-Lish Lip Brush - PHP50
G-Lish Make A Wish mist - PHP 150

Let's move on to Ellana Minerals:

I originally planned to buy just three eyeshadows from Ellana. Unfortunately, I accidentally mistaken the brand new lip/cheek dot (DIVA) as a product tester! I wasn't supposed to buy it. The saleslady was actually so nice. She said it was okay and that I don't have to pay for it but I felt so embarrassed and I pity her because I know she's going to pay for that so I just bought the freakin' thing. My boyfriend was really the one who insisted to buy it since I've already touched the product! Hahaha! I guess he was embarrassed, too. Hey! It was an honest mistake! Hahaha. The good part about my mistake is that I loved the product. I've been looking for something like this to use as a highlighter for my cheeks and this one is just perfect.

Anyway, other than the lip/cheek dot DIVA copper bronze, I also bought two eyeshadows. I bought Orchid (a pretty, hot purple) and Dazzle (a very nice brown color). I chose this two shades because I'm planning to do a remake of Xteeener's Weekend Warrior Purple Eyeshadow so watch out for that! ;-)

I also bought their Eye Primer Shine-Free Matte Finish because I'm running out of my E.L.F. Eyelid Primer and also because I wanted to try out this mineral eye primer and see if it will work great on me.

 Ellana Minerals Eye Primer - PHP 150
Ellana Minerals Diva - PHP 180
Ellana Minerals Orchid and Dazzle - PHP 130 each

Ooh, I almost forgot! I also bought two pairs of feather earrings and one single feather earring from the 5th Marpe Health Expo.

Single Feather Earring - PHP 100
Pair of feather earring - PHP 50 per pair

That's it for this haul post! 'Til my next entry!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Nice haul! Looking forward to hear your thoughts about these products :D

  2. will do a review soon. Thank you, Aya! :D