Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello everyone! It's the 1st day of October today and it's time for me to show you my September Favorites! My, my, it really amazes me how time flies by so fast. Anyway, let's get it on! :)

1. Bench/ Alcogel Love Your Hands Liquid Hand Soap in Mint - I mainly bought this to clean my makeup brushes and I love it. It cleans my brushes very well and I love that it's antibacterial so it kills the germs from my used brushes. I am a sucker for mint flavors so I chose the mint one and the smell is like so therapeutic! :) (I got this from Savemore in Tagaytay but for sure it's available in any BENCH/ outlets)

2. Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Water - This alcohol-free and dermatologically tested formula is love, love, love! I use this to remove makeup from my face and it does the job so well. Put it on a cotton pad or cotton ball and it just takes one to two swipe to remove the makeup. You just might want to avoid your eye area because it stings like hell! I just love it because other than removing makeup, it's also good for your skin. And the smell is so nice, too! (Available in Watsons)

3. Kustie Papaya Facial Scrub Jam - I've already done a review about this one and I fell in love with it already from my very first use. I use this scrub like 3 times a week. It really gives a smooth feeling on my skin and it thoroughly cleans my face. The best part about this product is that I didn't breakout at all. (Available at SM Depatment Stores beauty section)

4. Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash - I love this facial wash. It has natural tea tree and peppermint oils. I love using this because it leaves my face feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. Like what I've said, I'm a sucker for mint flavors. It's actually the reason why I bought this facial wash. I just love having that cooling effect on my face. :) (Available at SM Department Store beauty section)

5. Pond's White Beauty Naturals Day Cream  - I got this sachet free from a magazine my Mom bought. I've finished up the whole sachet already now. If you can notice in the picture, the sachet is actually empty. I love it because it feels light on the face unlike other Pond's moisturizers that gives that heavy feeling. The smell is really addicting, too!

6.  Pantene Pro-V Nature Care Leave on Creme - I forgot to include this in the summed picture above but this is definitely one of my top favorites! I've been using this since the day I bought it and I absolutely love it. My hair is always a mess and this leave on creme really helped my hair stay in place. I apply this after I take a bath on my towel-dried hair. Once my hair is dried, I can actually see that my hair is full of life, it has more fullness and the dry hair's not that visible.

7. Bench/ Fix Smooth Operator Weightless Styling Cream - I love using this for styling my hair especially after I curl or straighten my hair with a flat iron. It gives shine onto my hair but the feeling is not that heavy unlike when you apply oil or other anti-frizz serum on your hair. (Available in any Bench/ Outlets)

8. San San Matte Liquid Foundation in 03- Number 1 in my favorites list! I've been using this the whole month and it didn't give me any disappointments at all! The coverage is flawless and the staying power is awesome to think that it only costs P130. It doubles up as a concealer, too that's why I get to skip the concealing. Talk about saving time and energy. :) I've done a review about this foundation just recently so you might want to check it out to see why I love this so much. (Available in HBC outlets)

9. Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Organza - I love Fanny Serrano two-way cakes because the coverage is awesome. I use them for my clients as well. My shade is in Organza, but I have two other shades. I love it because, like what I've said, it gives good coverage and it stays on for hours. I sometimes skip foundation and use only this and it still looks like I've used a foundation on my face. (Available in SM Department Store beauty section, Watsons)

10.  NYX's Rouge Cream Blush - These babies were just once my dream and now, I've already got 5 of them! Thanks to the on-hand sales of my favorite NYX suppliers online. Hahaha! I love these cream blushes because they stay on for long hours. The colors are really pigmented! My favorite shades so far are Orange and Natural because they just give you that natural glow on your face. (NYX Online Stores)

11.  Ever Bilena Precision Blender - My Mom always buy makeup stuff and she sometimes forgets about them in time and me and my sister always end up using them! More than a month ago, I found this Ever Bilena  precision blender in my Mom's makeup box. I knew right then that she's not using it anymore because few days before that, she bought like two new eyebrow pencils. I took it and started using it and I fell in love with it ever since. The color is perfect for me. It's creamy so it's easy to use for grooming my brows. I also use it sometimes to line my eyes. I'm about to finish the pencil so I bought a new one but stupid me, I mistakenly got the black one instead of the brown one. Anyway, it's still okay because I also use black on my eyebrows sometimes and I can use it too for lining my eyes. I'll just buy the brown one again the next time I visit the mall. (Available in Watsons, SM Department Store beauty section)

12. In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in ER 01 Eyebrowns - The Ever Bilena precision blender is so creamy that sometimes it tends to smudge if you don't use it properly. So, I sometimes top it off with eyeshadows. I thought of buying a real brow powder to set my EB precision blender and I got this In2It brow powder. I love it because it's really pigmented. You can use this even without using eyebrow pencils or wax. (Available in Watsons, SM Department Store beauty section)

13. Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-On - I've been using this for almost two months now and I gotta say it's definitely a good buy. It's an eye care and a concealer in one. The coverage is actually pretty good. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit lazy or if I want to go for a more natural look, I skip foundation and just use this for concealing my under eye areas. It's perfect! This Light BB and the Light eye roll-on helped lighten my dark circles. (Available in Watsons, SM Department Store beauty section)

(Now for my favorite lip products for the month of September)

14. NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Rose - I love NYX slim lip pencils because they're creamy, slides on smoothly, pigmented and stays on for long hours. I've got about 8 slim lip pencils now but I've been using the Rose shade a lot this September because I love the color. I use it almost every time I go out. :)

15.  NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie and Fig - Collecting NYX lip products is just so addicting especially the round lipsticks and slim lip pencils. My favorites for this month are round lipsticks in Pumpkin Pie and Fig because they're perfect for everyday use.

16.  Careline Lip Gloss in 101 - Careline lip glosses = LOVE!!! They're just so good. The quality is really awesome, and for P60? Such a steal! Number 101 is included in my favorites list this month because I use it almost everyday. It's just perfect for an everyday/natural look.

That's it for my September favorites! By the way, this is in random order so it doesn't necessarily mean that the list is from the best ones to the least ones. ;-)

How about you? What are your favorites for this month?

October is now here and it's time for a little treat for you guys! October is MY month, bitches! ;-)
Stay tunes to find out what I'm talking about. :)

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. very nice list sis, i love them all, i also love the in2it brow powder. :) id love to try the nyx cream blushes and lippies. have to save.. will just add them on my wishlist. :)

  2. Thanks Belle! Yes, NYX cream blushes and lip products are a must-try. :)Anyway, watch out for my October giveaway :)

  3. Yay! exciting :) hehe.. Naku for the longest time I'd like to try them then I'd score some things at the dept stores.. so nawawala sa budget ang NYX.. kalerki!