Friday, September 30, 2011

New Hair, New Nails! (David's Salon Experience)

Lincon (my boyfriend) asked me yesterday to go with him to have his haircut. I agreed to accompany him because I have to go to BDO anyway and I want to have a manicure and a pedicure. Normally, we just go to local salons when we want to have our haircut and have our nails cleaned. Yesterday, we decided to try a different salon, an expensive one at that. We went to David's Salon (Tagaytay). When we got there, I decided to have a haircut as well because I wanted to have my ends trimmed and I wanted to have bangs.

Yes! I'm a QUEEN! ;-)

Lincon finished first. I think he got bored so he just took photos. LOL

I love this picture! I just had to include it here in my post! LOL

Loving my new hair! AWESOME!!!

Lincon loves his new hairstyle. So do I!

Goodbye boring, old tresses!

What do you think of my new hairstyle? I just had my ends trimmed, the length is almost the same. The bangs made all the difference. I think my hairstyle has more edge now. ;-)

(Quick FOTD: Maybelline BB Cream in natural, Wet n' Wild natural blend in buff, Ever Bilena precision blender for brows, Fanny Serrano gel liner in dark brown, Maybelline Extreme Stiletto mascara, NYX rouge cream blush in orange, Careline lip gloss in 101)

Now, take a look at my nails! I super love the color! My nails look fake, like stick-on nails! Hahaha! 

Nail polish used: Orly's Everything's Rosy

Thanks to the friendly staffs of David's Tagaytay, especially Ate Lou, senior hairstylist. She's really expert about hair! :)

After we had our haircut and my nails cleaned, we went home to change clothes and then we attended worship service. Blessed again! :)

That's it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. haircut suits you well sis, :) and boyfie too. your bangs really made all the difference.. :)

  2. agree with belle, it'all well-styled, pretty u:))

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