Sunday, November 13, 2011

11.12.11: Makeup for Arlene and Drew and TGIF!

This Saturday was an awesome day! I had a hair and makeup gig so yay for that! :) Around 2 in the afternoon, I did Ate Arlene and Drew's makeup for their company party at Timog. The theme of their party was mobster/gangsta. So, I did smokey eyes for their eyes and nude and red shades for their lips. I also did their hair and they both wanted curls so that's what I did! ;-)

Here are their photos:

Ate Arlene


After doing their makeups, Lincon fetch me and then we went to T.G.I.Friday's Trinoma to have our dinner. Man, it's been like 7 or  8 years since I last ate at T.G.I.Friday's so it's so nice to experience their food again. My favorite food from their menu? CAESAR SALAD! It's still the best caesar salad for me, EVER!

I've always loved and admired their cool/retro/vintage style!

Look at that disco ball!

My Yum while waiting for the foods!

Here's what we had for dinner:


Our Teriyaki burgers which we didn't finish so we just took it home!

Yum's Pacific Grilled Pork

After leaving T.G.I.Friday's, we watched the fireworks display at Trinoma. Ooh, by the way, we saw Piolo Pascual, he was having like a mini concert there so he was the one who introduced the fireworks display.

The photos suck, I'm sorry!

The fireworks are soooo magical and sooooo awesome! It lasted for about 15 minutes so my nape kinda hurt after watching it. Hahaha! Then, after watching the magical fireworks, I saw Gelatissimo Cafe. I didn't know it's already in Trinoma! I haven't tried it yet so we went there and I bought me some! Sorry, no picture! :(

That's it! I really had a wonderful day! Now, I'm back here in Tagaytay!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

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