Friday, January 27, 2012

BTS: Anniversary + Meeting Chubi del Rosario (and other big time people)

I still cannot believe that I have finally worked with people who belong in the film industry!

Yesterday, my friend, Bugel, told me that his friend needed a makeup artist and it was so nice and sweet of him to refer me. A Mr. Darwin Alegre Novicio sent me a message a few minutes after talking to Bugel. He said he needed a makeup artist for a short film they're going to shoot. I got super excited because I never got the chance to work with that kind of environment and industry. I was available and very much interested so I immediately accepted the offer! Kuya Darwin didn't tell me right away though who are the persons I'm going glam up. He just told me there's going to be one guy and one girl. He advised me that only natural and basic makeup would be needed so that's what I prepared for.

The taping day came (which was actually earlier today) and I left the house 8:20 in the morning to meet Kuya Darwin. Call time was 8:30 AM and I left the house 10 minutes before because the meeting place is just a 5-10 minute drive away from home.

We met at 7-11 Crossing Mendez, Tagaytay and then we went straight to their house because that's where the 1st scene will be taken. The stars of the short film weren't there yet, just the production staffs. I was feeling awkward at first because I was the only girl at the time but Kuya Darwin was very nice and hospitable. He entertained me by giving me heads up about today's shoot and by telling me different stories about him and by telling me that the leading actor of the short film is CHUBI DEL ROSARIO!

If you don't know him, Chubi is one of the former teen star from the very popular youth oriented show T.G.I.S. back in the 90's. He was also a part of different soap operas or teleserye here in the Philippines such as Anna Karenina and Ikaw na Sana.

When I met him, I was really starstrucked although I haven't seen or heard about him for a long time now. I was still stunned because I was a big fan of T.G.I.S. and other teeny bopper movies that he starred in to. I was surprised and really glad at the same time because he was very approachable, friendly, and also very talkative! Haha! :)

Then, I also met Yheng, the leading actress, who is very perky, cheerful, and very playful! She's only 18 years young but she is very talented and also beautiful. She is a RunCav model and a tourism student from DLSU-D. She was with her Mom, Tita Mariz, who is very friendly, very accomodating, and very bagets! I had soooooooo much fun with them. :)

I also met Kuya Homer Novicio and Ate Tin Novicio. They are couples who are both writers. Kuya Homer works for GMA-7 and Ate Tin work for ABS-CBN! Hahaha! I was sooooooo happy because I got the chance to have a little chit chat with them. Ate Tin, by the way, was the writer of the famous ABS-CBN teleserye, Magkaribal starred by Gretchen Barretto and Bea Alonzo! :)

So, anyway, the title of the short film is Anniversary. I don't want to spill here what the story is all about. I'll just let you know soon once they're done with the film. :)

Here are some behind-the-scene photos:

Yheng is such a beautiful girl!

The lady is Ate Tin, the guy in blue is Kuya Darwin and the guy with glasses is Kuya Homer. :)


Chubi playing with Kuya Darwin's cute doggie :)

So, yeah that's it! I am very thankful for this day! I had a loooot of fun! Thanks to Bugel for referring me, thanks to Kuya Darwin for hiring me and thanks to GOD for this wonderful opportunity! :)

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. wow, you finally got the chance to work with local celebs... cool! congrats girl ^_^

  2. yay! happy for you sis! :) more blessings to come your way! Stay fab!

  3. @Hollie and Belle: Yes and I am soooo happy! Thank you ladies! :)