Sunday, February 12, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: San San Eyeshadow Trio Age Defense

San San Eyeshadow Trio Age Defense is one of San San's bests... well, at least for me. This product, however, is not new. Back in 2007, I have already tried using the #02 palette and I loved it. Before, I don't really care about my makeups and other stuff so I usually forget about them easily and I mean completely forget.

Then three months ago, I found my San San Eyeshadow Trio Age Defense palette in an abandoned box in our abandoned cabinet. LOL! I was like, "Hey! I remember this!". Obviously the product is already expired because it has been 4 years already since I last used it so, I bought a new one because I've been really looking for great cream eyeshadows that can be used as a base.

When I used the new palette, I remembered and seen (of course) how good the product is. Back in 2007, I don't know anything about eye primers or any primers that's why every time I use my San San Eyeshadow Trio, it will look cakey then it will crease eventually. But now that I'm so aware about primers and all that jazz on how to make your makeup last longer, I learned that this Eyeshadow trio is awesome.

The #02 palette is the one in the middle. I love using this whenever I do neutral, taupe, bronze, and brown smokey eyes. Just use an eyelid primer and it will not crease at all.

PRODUCT NAME: San San Eyeshadow Trio Age Defense
PRICE: PhP 101.00

When you look at it at first, especially when it's not yet used or touched, it just looks like an ordinary powder eyeshadows. But when you touch it, it's very smooth and soft but it's not super duper creamy that your brush will actually sink into it, no. That's why I love it because you can control how much product you are going to use and it's not messy when you use it. In fact, it's like a cream to powder eyeshadow.

Each palette comes with two small dual end sponge tip applicators but I do not use them at all. I just used 3 of those for swatching.

I used the San San Eyeshadow trio Age Defense palette #02 on my eyes in the two photos below:

I thought that it's really a good product so I decided to buy the other two shades.

Here are photos and swatches of the palettes:


TOP: With flash; BOTTOM: Without flash


TOP: With flash; BOTTOM: Without flash


TOP: With flash; BOTTOM: Without flash

I also swatched all the shades on a sheet of tissue paper.

- Affordable at only PhP 101.00
- Can be found in any HBC outlets
- Colors are pigmented
- Stays on and doesn't crease or become cakey (as long as you use a primer)
- Not too creamy so it's easy to control the application
- With SPF 15, Vitamins A, C, and E

- Limited shades
(There are only 3 different palettes, 9 different shades)
- May sometimes form little crumbles when you swipe your eyeshadow/brush applicator
- Contains Paraben

Well, that's all the pros and cons that I can think of regarding this product.

I definitely recommend the San San Eyeshadow Trio Age Defense because it's affordable but the quality is very good. So, if you want to try and purchase these palettes, you can get them at any HBC outlets.

Have you tried these palettes already? Your thoughts?

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions my dear dudettes! :)


  1. naku bing.. mappabili na naman ata ako nito.. perfect for travel ang size niya.. :D

    1. Haha! Affordable naman, sis. Yes, very handy siya. :)

  2. i have the same, 2 and 3. ang ganda ng texture nya.and pigmented pa, tapos mura pa, hahahaha

  3. Parang I wanna try this soon! Mura talaga ng makeup from SanSan :)

    1. Hihi! Yes sis, kahit mura, okay din naman quality. :)

  4. I saw these the when I visited hbc, but didn't like the texture when I swatched it. I find it too flakey kasi. But the shades are really pretty though, and you can't beat the price. ^_^

    1. Yes, that's actually one problem. Some shades are crumbly pero hindi naman lahat. :) Yes sis, super affordable :)

  5. uy another great find sis.. :) galing!

  6. omy! the colors are so pretty!! I love them ^_^~